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Re: My educated guess

Posted by Dr. B on November 06, 2007 at 12:31:38

In Reply to: Re: My educated guess posted by Dr No on November 06, 2007 at 03:50:09:

If my speculations are such BS, why did you bother to respond? I tend to ignore BS. You, on the other hand, went out of your way to be defensive over issues I said nothing about. Why so reactive?

I'm only presented educated conjecture, and I never claimed it to be anything but that. It's educated conjecture inasmuch as I'm drawing logical conclusions based on past behavior and current teachings and policies of top leadership. I presented nothing as fact other than past behavior and current teachings & policies. Intergenerational sexual abuse is very difficult to change, particularly in families that keep secrets like TFI does. Behavioral change doesn't happen just because someone writes a charter and says, "Don't do it," or even worse, "Mistakes were made."

Please be a little more specific in your criticism of my post. Exactly what statements did I make that qualify as hearsay? I speculated that given Karen Zerby's remarks on fondling children, one can only guess how many naturally inquisitive 5-year-olds are privately being groomed for sexual activity. What would prevent this from happening? Certainly not the Charter, or, for that matter, the personal experience of the second generation who have remained in TFI. Sexual abuse is intergenerational. In my view, sexual abuse in TFI has gone underground--it's no longer openly preached and openly practiced. That doesn't mean it isn't happening. Sexual abuse thrives in secrecy. In that regard, sexual abuse in TFI is no different than the intergenerational sexual abuse that occurs in other families with the issue. I'm only taking what is known about sexual abuse and effecting behavioral change in families and applying that research information to TFI.

I made a reference to adults having taken child brides in the 1990s. Ever hear of Techi? According to Lattin's book, she was a child bride. I might qualify that as hearsay. I've also read from reliable sources that Grant Montgomery took a child bride. Of course, older adolescents may not qualify as "child brides" in your book, but they do in mine, particularly when the husband is old enough to be her father.

Nowhere in my post did I say everyone is guilty. I very specifically indicted ONLY the top leadership, because the rules that apply to everyone else in TFI don't appear to apply to them.