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Re: The Tony Alamo / "God Squad"

Posted by Perry on November 09, 2007 at 14:25:04

In Reply to: Re: The Tony Alamo / "God Squad" posted by knew 'em on November 08, 2007 at 16:49:37:

"It's odd that sexual abuse of children and sexploitation of women is such a common factor in all these orgs."

I guess it's not so odd when you consider that all societies, and these cults even more so, are patriarchal (though Zerby is the leader now, Berg is still her master). What better way to keep women under control than to sexually abuse them as girls and continue that sexploitation, as you put it, into adulthood?

Thanks for the personal account of Berg and Alamo. I suspected from the article that they had to at least be aware of each other since they operated in California around the same time. Funny (not so to their victims) how they ended up so much alike. Besides the pedophilia, child-brides, physical abuse, etc., Alamo's occult efforts to bring his wife back from the dead were as weird as anything Berg promoted. Notice also how they both claimed to know who the two endtime witnesses of Revelations are, but in both cases one of those supposed witnesses died before fulfilling their "prophecies".