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Re: The Tony Alamo / "God Squad"

Posted by knew 'em on November 10, 2007 at 20:53:55

In Reply to: Re: The Tony Alamo / "God Squad" posted by Perry on November 09, 2007 at 14:25:04:

What better way to keep control of men than to have them imagining they have vaginas and they are being screwed by Jesus? I mean, to leave-as a man- and admit to that would be hideous, too.
If a woman leads a cult, does that make the society matriarchical? I guess I don't see cults as being about matri or patri as much as generally A control freak one man/woman who is god and all others are to follow blindly.
DB degraded and humiliated children, women and men.
There do seem to be more men than women who are cult leaders.
About that endtime prophet thing, I didn't know Alamo did that, I only had a brief encounter with them way back when Sue was still alive. All the cults were baby cults.
That doesn't surprise me either, now that I think about it because each leader believes they are god or god's chosen ONE and so the bible or writings they say they adhere to, and people that follow, revolve around them, just the way they think the rest of the world should.