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Re: My educated guess

Posted by OT2 on November 15, 2007 at 17:49:47

In Reply to: Re: My educated guess posted by Dr No on November 06, 2007 at 03:50:09:

Beg your pardon--I was out in '74, and visited Venezuelan Colonies in the late 80s--LITERAL prostitution by women AND children was pimped by the leadership, and both male and female leadership at that.

They tried to assign various women to me, AND COULDN'T UNDERSTAND WHY i NEVER TOOK ADVANTAGE, and even made sure I sat in on a little introductory session, where female children were paraded in skimpy clothing in front of asn obvious pedophile, and made it clear they were for his selection as sex toys--no kidding! I wanted to kick his ass into a mudhole, and then puke all over him, and then stomp it dry; as they say in East Texas!--yeccch! Stinking filthy PIG of a CHILD MOLESTER!

Over about a year, I convinced three adults to leave--a Spanish couple with a cripple child, and the top beauty everyone called Dutch Maggie--they returned to Spain and she to the Dutch Antilles, and then to Holland.

OT2 (OldtimerToo)