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Isolated bits of impressive knowledge

Posted by Paranoid on December 04, 2007 at 03:13:02

In Reply to: Re: Your 2 Year Old Can Receive Jesus! posted by runaway trained seal on December 04, 2007 at 01:22:12:

True. We were all trained seals, taught to impress all the time. We could tell you what some famous person said, but we couldn't tell you why and how he arrived at that conclusion, or compare his opinion with his contemporaries.

If I remember correctly, someone said about River Phoenix, that he would appear so intelligent and well-informed, but when you tried to delve into parallel subjects he had no clue what you were talking about. He knew (could recite) isolated pieces of information very well, but not how the information related to other bits of information. His recitations were the sum total of his knowledge.

As one of the Christians here pointed out: just because we memorized the exact references to a handful of verses in the Bible, could flip through and locate them in 2 seconds and speak so authoritatively, the false implication was that we knew all 31,102 verses in the KJV intimately. But the verses we recited were pretty much the sum total of our Bible knowledge, and we took everything out of context.

Granted, she's barely 2-years old, and abstract thinking and application come later, but it was very much a trained-seal act like you say. About all that clip showed was the little girl was able to recognize the phonetic names of colored shapes on a paper on the wall. It's all very good but if it stays at this level it's just trivial. It does not mean the child now (or later) understands geography, scale ratios, directions, map-reading, or relates 2-dimensional diagrams to her physical world. Maybe it's judgemental of me, but nothing about the show they put on convinces me she will necessarily have the emotional support required to nuture her curiosity and long-term development (so that this becomes more than just a trained-seal act); not the way they so routinely control her emotions.

Sorry to hear about the shit you went through. You seem like a solidly critical thinker now, well-spoken, opinionated and articulate despite it all. The way you were used, do you absolutely refuse to clean up or do any chores now?