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Re: Let's get this straight

Posted by Farmer on December 12, 2007 at 15:44:25

In Reply to: Re: Let's get this straight posted by Thinker on December 12, 2007 at 12:11:48:

I think you overreacted a bit here....I don't think there has been a widely accepted method or standard procedure or a consecutive measuring of the EQ as it has been with the IQ and I think I made it clear, if they had at any time , "anyone" , to make up for a lack, then it's the EQ which could attract me happened to be a bit scattered throughout the world and not all lumped up at one my mentioning the EQ was just a compliment, not citing any study, a guess, an assumptiom...cause frankly I have a rather joyful cheerful person around, willing to communicate, than a scientist in his "portable" ivory tower, if you get what I mean...

I don't get your sensitivity here....I am not all pro black, I am not all pro white, I am not just prohumans, it all depends with me.You could say, with me it depends on the spiritual factor and
pls allow my scepticism here: no one,not even you, is always at every second of his life totally fair and objective...even if he/she desires it...but some come closer than others...if that happens to be your goal?(among other things)