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Re: my message was truncated

Posted by Farmer on December 14, 2007 at 02:29:35

In Reply to: Re: my message was truncated posted by Thinker on December 13, 2007 at 10:11:00:

Sorry, that that happened to you...every now and then it also happens to me (because I don't safe my stuff faithfully enoughnderwordpad or whatever, until it appears)...interesting "side-thread"...which might be worthy to be prolonged, if it happens not to be too "soapy" (as soap box got closed, as you probably remember...)

I know that colonialism accounts for some of the misdevelopments, may be the most, but hardly all of it.If you take Zimbawe e.g....I think Mugawe
"shoots into his own food or at least those of his fellowmen" by the way he rules & acts.There are farmers - white ones - who would love to stay there & share their farming-knowledge, but they can't because he seems to be a thickhead...this doctrine: we can do it ourselves & better, well, why not...let's see the results...and also China is now the big player in Africa & Europe seems to hurry up, to jump on that bandwagon for all theriches in the soils of Africa.

I am not of the opinion, that everyone should live on the face of the earth a wasteful life like that of a good many westener...who knows, many "simple" people might outlive the foolish westeners...

On the other hand I really don't go as much after the conspiracy theories as I used to years back.
I know there are dark powers at work...evil people
with a nice cover, but I am not so keen on knowing exactly who, where & when...their lifespan is limited according to my the meantime they try our patience...on the other hand the conspiracy theories often serve as the quickest excuse, when simple mismanagement might be also an explanation & mismanagement can have the reason in dumbness or in efforts of conspiracy or simply the greed of in or outsiders.
I know about the debt burden & the advantages for the already rich west.But there are selfmade problems & it would be good for Africans to address them, like the ones of the children-soldiers, the way they recruited them and also the vaginal circumcisions westener has asked them to do that, right?I figure we as individuals & as a country make moreprogress, if we don't run away from some ugly truth, covering it up or blame others (nations) for it.In the end it doesn't square.

As you mentioned the my "conspiracy-scrutinising" times I remember to have read, that drugs were also behind or much behind the Vietnam war...I wondered what's in it for the US, besides claiming geopolitics...stemming themselves against the rising tides of spreading communism.

By the way, communism couldn't pay the bills of their own war machinery anymore, it seems to me.
"Greed"/good payment seems to be a "better" incentive to work harder, than all the nice theories & speeches of the leadership (look at China & Vietnam, if you allow more profit & personal enterprises...Russia a bit lagging behind
it seems)...I used to own in TF days a very good SLR-camera, made in the GDR...I sold it but I still bought some lenses which happen to be almost as good as the Western produced Carl Zeiss
counterpart lenses...

My credo is: socialism is "good" if you don't want too much & are satisfied with a lot less...
Most people seem to assume, you're better of if you own a lot more...probably not so good in the long run for planet earth.

Since we touched the subject of Aids....some scientist...seriously...argued, viruses happen to come to us from outer space...Aids is also suspected to have come from some apes??...conspiracy has it, that it came from some laboratories...whatever the exact line from it's origin is, I guess the way of spreading in Africa (also in India) could be prevented more, if there was better & more information/education...and pls. allow me to say that too: better/higher morals...probably the hardest of all