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Society is evolving, in many regards for the better

Posted by Thinker on January 30, 2008 at 15:23:23

In Reply to: Re: Here I go with my mantra posted by Farmer on January 30, 2008 at 14:30:39:

You made the argument that society at large, although evolving, is not always the great example of how things are supposed to be. And one of the biggest arguments of The Family -- which on one hand preaches moral absolutes and on the other argues for moral relativity -- is that adult-child sex, pre-teen marriages, polygamy, low-education levels, etc are not intrinsically wrong, but only "wrong" relative to culture and current trends and sensibilities in society.

To some extent what The Family states may be true:

A lot of what we regard as ageless truths and basic human rights today, weren't available to the masses not that long ago. Now our collective awareness is changing, our standards are being raised, for the better. I would rather have the sensibilities we have today, than live in a society where blacks have to sit in the backs of buses, where it's illegal for a Caucasian to marry an Asian but its OK to have some pervert master artists use his child apprentice for sex, etc. I'm glad we're evolving, and I hope we go further. I'm all for raising awareness in society at large.