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Re: spiritual fascist

Posted by Perry on February 04, 2008 at 14:08:57

In Reply to: Re: Bobby Kelly posted by Mig on January 31, 2008 at 19:57:35:

Do you even read my responses to you? I have never, in any of my posts here, said that I want to prevent anyone from having access to the Bible. In fact, I said the opposite, yet here you are putting words in my mouth again.

All of your latest assertions are absurd. Merely repeating the claim that I am pushing my ideas on others by taking away their sources of inspiration doesn't make it so. I don't do that, I don't even try to do that. I explicitly wrote that I think the Bible should have a place in the classroom where it can be compared to other religions and ideas, yet here you are repeating your untrue accusations. I express my opinion that the Bible is given too much reverence in society and you call it pushing my ideas on others. Ridiculous.

You asked: "What is wrong with allowing people to freely select their own way?" When did I ever say that I'm against people selecting their own way? Again putting words in my mouth I never said so that you can then criticize me, which seems to be your favourite way of arguing with me. You create a straw man, that is, you ascribe to me positions or actions that I do not hold or take, and then proceed to argue against me as if I do. It is a dishonest way of debating.

Spiritual fascist? Ridiculous. I could just as easily ascribe that slur to you since Christianity is an exclusive religion that rejects and condemns all other belief systems. I believe profoundly in human rights, including religious freedom, but as I said before, religious freedom is not absolute. A person's religious freedom cannot infringe the rights of others. I can easily turn your argument against yourself. You say you raise your children as Bible reading Christians. Since Christianity claims to be the only true path to God, isn't it you who is preventing your children from freely selecting their own way? So who is the real spiritual fascist?