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Re: A possible resource book--by Laura Schlessinger

Posted by Poster on March 26, 2008 at 08:41:56

In Reply to: Re: A possible resource book--by Laura Schlessinger posted by not a fan on March 25, 2008 at 02:47:55:

I hadn't heard about Dr. Laura in a long time. I don't like her either. I first started hearing her during the early 90s and I often wondered about her views. I think people in need of help would do much better finding a listening ear, which she is not, but definitely guarding themselves against her opinions.

I don't know how accurate this website is but it reflects my experience of her programs. She comes through as selfrighteous, inflexible and with lots of anger towards some undetermined issues. The web site below confirmed what I had sensed through her programs. It has a lot of details I didn't know before and show her as a hypocrite and liar, at least as concealing the true.

In my opinion, she found a way to make money doing something she is good at, which is not really an interest to give sound advise but to make money. It is good for her but listeners should beware. Why is it that people listen to talk shows? In my case it was a 2-way long daily car drive at the odd times when the show aired. I even listened to Rush Limbaugh - but could not stomach either one for more than a few minutes. Oh, my car radio could not catch other radio stations. Bummer.