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Re: So you still don't get it?

Posted by Farmer on September 12, 2008 at 02:31:31

In Reply to: Re: So you still don't get it? posted by Youth-ish on September 12, 2008 at 01:33:42:

Would it be possible for you...having that much
"grace" with a fellow-inhabitor of "mother earth"
to not degrade someone that much by calling him old that I feel very much offended reading matter how right you are or could be...logically speaking: the old (timefactor here) fart has much more chance of smelling less than the younger, "fresher" one, if you get what I mean...literally speaking, depending of course also a bit on the "ambiente"...

I don't think you wanted to compliment on the "milder" old fart...(they say the younger wine is quoting of the Bible)

I know, that temper is hard to control, when feeling to be stepped on ones toe etc., but I don't think the boards are there for letting of steam "uncontrolled", steam which undoubtly was created by the wrong fire of the FGAs...there is my sympathy, but my sympathy has limits when it comes to offending the dignity, something which is protected at least in our country by basic laws...meaning namescalling has limits in most
countries - I assume - So while you probably like to adhere to the laws of your country, wouldn't it be possible for you, to also adhere to them here?...I am too lazy to look up the board rules, copying & pasting them but I am sure they are against names-calling

Basically I am on your side, but not in the way you "solved" it!