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Re: Hi Jewlz

Posted by Jewlz on October 24, 2008 at 21:29:59

In Reply to: Re: Hi Jewlz posted by AC on October 24, 2008 at 18:36:44:

thanks for that mate. yea steve does understand the severity of what his dad did to him. i just hurt so much for him. but, man o man, he is THE most wonderful human being ive ever met. he is 26 years & has a heart of gold & is so caring towards everything and everybody. animals, aged ppl, the underdog, ppl suffering & hurting, his many many friends, and of course me - his mum. and funny you should say that about fathers day, he ALWAYS gives me a fathers day card & we ALWAYS spend it together. I would never let him spend that day alone. he sends me random text messages everyday, praising me & thanking me for saving his life basically. im really really proud of steve. and we can laugh at our situation & all they yukky things that have happened to me and to him. he even calls fathers day dead-beat-dad day. ha.
you are so right (and i had not even thought of this) but had i not been able to rescue steven, i daresay he would not have even had his father with him! those poor poor kids that WERE in TF that missed out completely. i take full responsibility for joining that stupid cult. but like i said, i would have joined anything at the time to escape my own living hell from my dad and was easy prey to be "fished".
anyway, moving right along. thats enough about me! ha.. thanks heaps!