Robot...(Maria) ...Reboot??

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Posted by Farmer on May 30, 2010 at 14:30:38

In Reply to: Re: The "Reboot Series" posted by Thorwald on May 30, 2010 at 00:51:05:

Thank you for keeping us informed...quite a job you're doing...

Too bad though, that you've given me this reading assignment...just joking here...for usually I don't want to read their vinegar anymore...since long

This time I guess I need to check what and why they want to "change"...reading/interpreting between the lines etc...especially their talk on membership seems to be important...had a bit more than a glance at it...

We have now coms...children of members and finally they don't count them automatically anymore as members

But it seems to me they don't present the facts in the right manner...they don't usual, that it was them who implemented all these standards and rules:

We’ve received heartrending letters over the years, in which Family members have expressed the hurt they have felt as a result of negative attitudes and perspectives connected to membership levels. Individuals have expressed to us that they have felt left out or misunderstood by others, or unloved by the Lord and others, or condemned because they have needed to move to a different category of membership. This has been very sad to hear.

Very sad to hear ...sounds like a news-reporter commenting on something he sees for the first time...crazy...they should have known, what feelings all this excites....this is as stupid as "demanding"...get rid of your jealousy...quickly/overnight...because we're one wife

Same procedure...acting (writing their directives)...reacting...changing, because something didn't quite work out

My take:

very poor leadership

But I guess I need to "devote" a bit more time to that new vinegar of theirs...although it kind of
seems to taste "sweeter" than usual...

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