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Posted by on January 30, 2011 at 09:21:18

In Reply to: Re: Need more specifics posted by Thinker on January 30, 2011 at 06:57:36:

Hi, thanks for your reply.

I am indeed trying to be as discreet as possible as far as revealing private information about her.
Yes, she was born and raised in the Family cult until she split from it and her family. She is now 30. I've read more about COG and watched the final video of Ricky Rodriguez, which taught me a lot thanks to his honesty.

As far as being self-centered, she basically just cares about her own problems and is completely uninterested in anybody elses. At the same time, she is kind and giving and doesn't mind having friends stay over and gives people her clothes and things.

I've never heard her speak of girls, but often heard her speak of guys being cute, having children and she was in long-term relationships with guys (who were possibly closeted homosexuals, as she herself put it, and perhaps that's why it worked since they didn't like her as a girl and there was no sex). I looked over her computer (which was wrong but necessary) and didn't find any sort of porn at all. We did have one episode when I caressed her and she enjoyed it, but she stopped it when it started to go further. Which leads me to believe that she is frigid due to memories of her past. Perhaps by telling me she is lesbian she's giving up on trying anything with men because it brings her discomfort and pain. But I hope there is a chance to help her, and I'll do everything I can if it IS possible.

She is also trying to respond to my care of her lately, despite being very busy, like cooking for me, asking if I'm ok and waiting for me to catch up. She would never do these things before. So I hope she's opening up.

Yes, by "dirt" I mean her fears, anxieties and some things about her past. She hates to be told what to do or that she can't do something. She hates it when someone stares at her, blocks her path, takes an object away from her and some other things like that. She also mentioned being beaten by her dad.

I just want to know how I can help her. She is actually a very strong girl, but I think on some level she is seeking my care without saying it directly. I'll see if it's possible to speak to her psychiatrist and maybe I'll buy some book about getting over abuse..

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