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Posted by ray on July 16, 2012 at 23:02:47

In Reply to: Re: It is more moral to be a Nazi hunter than a Nazi sympathizer posted by Perry on July 16, 2012 at 18:16:04:

hi perry. i can appreciate your passion, and your pain. having had 17 kids in the group i guess you can imagine our life is not w/o ongoing pain. I have the added pain of having been a leader in the group for many years.

i actually did not say anything negative about anyone who felt called to be a "nazi hunter". obviously, hyperbole, but actually not perjorative. my point was that someone who was born in the group, decided to leave on her own, is pursuing a life and career that can't be easy given a rocky educational foundation, never joined anything on her own accord, was a victim of at the very least a bizarre upbringing, i think deserves a lot of credit. even encouragement from folks who may have a more thorough understanding of the guts it must take to launch out.

if people feel called to spend their lives trying to track down, expose, prosecute, educate others to the evils of berg & co, i wish them well. my focus, necessarily, was in picking up the pieces of my own personal apocalypse. that has been overwhelming enough. it seems the message about berg has circled the earth many times over. google. but the lives of sga's are pretty complex, and each one is very different in the choices they make re: family still in, hangers on etc. that, i think is where the question of respecting their choices, whether you agree or not, is something to be weighed carefully. perhaps the strong message that she recieved here will snap her out of it, and make her see things your way. from her last post tho, i doubt it, at least for now.

i am sure that religious deception will continue on earth for a good while to come. i appreciate the efforts made by those, such as yourself, to warn about it. when crimes are commited they should be prosecuted, where possible. i am sure the millions whose lives were upended by the holocaust did appreciate the nuremburg trials, and ongoing efforts to bring the war criminals to justice. but i think it might be unfair to insist that those who put a priority on trying to rebuild their lives rather pursue the criminals are "nazi sympathizers." actually, i think that sort of thing is, well, counterproductive. forced reeducation programs seem rather more appropriate to the cultic world view.

i thik the evidence is strong the ship is sinking fast. several of my kids have left recently, and are busy trying to get on w/ life. they still love their mom and sibs still in. as do i. do you think that wrong?

my impression of icsa is that the focus continues to shift from solely exposing cults, to the urgent need to help exmems to find healing, as well as a growing sensitivity to the huge issue of thousands of sgs born/raised in groups. i may be wrong, but i do not think the therapeutic community working in the area would recommend scolding sg's who have left, and have a lot of complex issues to sort thru... including relating to loved ones still w/ some level of involvment in cultic structures/thinking etc. it would seem 2 me, at least, patience and calm discussion might be more appropriate in this case.

perry, you don't know me, nor i you. i am sure your motives are moral and noble. mine may be far more just trying to do the best i can w/ a pretty sloppy couple of decades of mammoth mistakes to try and repair, to whatever extent possible. the only reason i posted here was i happened to be looking for info on the site and felt there might be another perspective on her position.

but, if other perspectives are reduced to "nazi sympathizers" (ask the "nazis" if they find me sympathetic!) than i apologize. actually at icsa i heard several therapists who encouraged exmems to try seeing things from multiple perspectives, move away from "black & white" thinking, etc. in several sessions current members of krishna & moon groups were invited to participate, as well as eileen barker etc. The sense was learning to handle even totally contrary views was in no way harmful to exmems who felt ready for that. (not all did.)

anyway, perry, best to you in your journey and calling.


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