Demise of TFI as we knew it...

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Posted by Observer on February 21, 2013 at 05:33:05

Whatever the final legacy of TFI may be, however their leaders will be judged in the end by history, lately, one thing stands out: Peter A. seems to have taken over the reins of leadership from Maria and as of late - he seems to do everything right!

He has virtually dissolved TFI as we all knew it, he has surprised even his staunchest critics by completely reworking the fabric of this once known as “high demand” cult into a decisively “low demand” fringe group.

The series of videos Thorwald posted below clearly brings this out. I highly recommend watching them. I doubt that his revisionism will go as far as actually admitting to tangible crimes, as once in written form it would make him culpable and expose him to possible litigation, but to his credit: he’s almost done the impossible, the things that nobody expected! The Family as we knew it is no longer!

To me it looks like he almost staged a coup d’état and completely sidelined control freak Maria, who seems to be reduced to writing little ditties on the “Anchor” section of their website. Like: “Peter and I recently travelled to the countryside where we met this hungry waitress we ended up witnessing to…”

It would be interesting to hear your opinions as to these monumental changes that happened to TFI.

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