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Posted by Farmer on July 26, 2011 at 11:19:49

In Reply to: Re: They are based on fact and observation, lte posted by long time exer on July 26, 2011 at 01:17:16:

LTE...I beg your pardon...but I think I have to be blunt...for don' t post as long...according to what I OT2 or haven't posted any of your biography either, rather in I don't know much about your academic career post or prior TFI...

I guess we all know more about OT2...thanks to his willingness to share his experiences...whereas others just jump the gun from anonimity... a bit unfair I thinK.May be you have as many or more credentials as OT2 besides other experiences...but then why don't you share them?...I wouldn't discount that as "pride"...either...just sharing your gifts and accomplishments...

People have all their opinions about creation vs. evolution...nature vs nurture etc...fine...however if someone claims this and that is scientific knowledge, evidence then he has to put the foot where his mouth is and cite credible sources...otherwise it's just hot air.

Any wikipedia-article failing to cite properly is marked I am sure you're aware of.
I wanted from MG some citation and he/she kind of hohummed in you can do better and cite it for us...I did search some on my own...a bit fast sure results...some indication...below are some references (I am rather not finished, have not the needed time) pls. come up with something better or just tone it down a bit...thank you...for as you could know...OT2 did have some problems...private and I am sure we all have...but some of the discourses here I consider "Kindergarten" (not regarding his difficulties)...nothing too I am not sure...why the Coordinator only steps in in disfavour of OT2, for others are to blame too...the shifting of the thread to soap-box is IMO a bit "funny"...for in other incidences the coordinators immediately stepped in in the they don't, strange...I was never too much for this "septical" seperating of topics...for they are often just very related and I consider the majority of posters mature enough to handle that...those who got offended, don't post anymore and they themselves breached the rules and couldn't handle everything enough at's a maturity matter...I think we're old enough to not let us getting intimidated anymore and I think we can handle offenses...for they come sooner or later...important to know also why they come and here I must say it's annoying that people like you say, this is your opinion and what is your take then??...also an opinion

I am against criminalising homosexuals for something society has no good explanation or help ...on the other hand I "hate" them to declare it's "normal" when obviously it's not the majority following nor "helpful" regarding procreation.It's much as theft to satisfy your hunger is often also allowed by theft in general good?'s not but one cannot blame the hungry too much either...I have no answer/cure for the homosexual than what is general accepted standard in the Bible...the body is not mine...I shouldn't abuse it...also not in suicide...for me that is abuse as well...I have no right to do that....

Also in war adults consent to something I find very problematic...especially the agressive the argument of let consenting adults do as they long as don't harm??? anyone...heterosexuals can harm the other in the relationship...but homosexuals I think do it rather regularly...the body is not really equipped for that...just point out the snags in my thinking...and I'll be happy...because you sneered at please come up with something very smart...thank you

You "rattle" against paedophilia and I am with you...however I posted here several times something from divert the attention from that aberration, by smallscaling the whole agenda...seeking even to downplay is that right to you?..apparently why you exempt the one and "extole" the other I would want to know...from the Christian point of view...both ways of life are wrong...that is where I draw the line...society obviously doesn't want anymore the Christian standard as guideline...apparently too they seek a way out...

Other then apparently MG...I do think a homosexual...if he wants Jesus, should seek help in prayer...though I am against this "devil-business"...any devil has to leave anyway, the minute somebody asks Jesus to come into his/her heart...sure sentiments/feelings are very hard to be controlled...body...soul/psychae...spirit...that is the distinction Paul makes...and matters of the psychae are difficult...I figure...we all know that and psychiatrists don't have all the answers either to all mental and "touchy" problems

I didn't read all the following content to the fullest..pls come up though with something very precise...outlining your stance/opinion...thanks:

Here might, strong emphasis on it, just some suspicion/thought,... be a genetical link/indicator??? to it:

Exd 34:7 Keeping 5341 mercy 2617 for thousands 505, forgiving 5375 iniquity 5771 and transgression 6588 and sin 2403, and that will by no means 5352 clear 5352 [the guilty]; visiting 6485 the iniquity 5771 of the fathers 1 upon the children 1121, and upon the children's 1121 children, unto the third 8029 and to the fourth 7256 [generation].

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