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Posted by on July 27, 2011 at 18:17:39

In Reply to: Re: Lady Gaga and the "pray it away" approach posted by MG on July 21, 2011 at 02:55:32:



It wasn't a "rant"; actually. I was setting up an analogy--rather obviously, I thought. 12 Step's approach to "addiction as only a sickness" is a well-known topic, to most; I assumed. A lot of "science badly done" is involved in discussing it, as is the case in many discussions about homosexuality.

A controversy about 12-Step exists, and many are interested in the topic, just as a controversy exists about the origin and cause of homosexuality, and many are interested in that topic as well.

I have worked in addiction, as well as at a general psychiatric hospital—well-trained and educated for both jobs. As a Christian, I care for the people I have worked with, both children and adults, and I try to stay well-informed, and to distinguish BETWEEN opinion and fact.

Working at a psychiatric hospital, and specifically also at an addiction hospital, and having family members who have and still do struggle with various and multiple addictions, and as somebody who has actually worked in the field, and discussed both the successes and failures of such programs with many professionals of various backgrounds, I am qualified to make comments on it.

What made it a rant to you? Was it just a disagreement with my point of view? That sounds a bit personal--could we abstain from insulting terms all around; please?

And, since I was initially responding to lte’s answer to YOUR post, I am confused to be called a “cyber-stalker”—curious.

And I did say that, informed from my point of view/personal beliefs, that God answers misdirected faith quite often, being a loving and merciful God, so, yes when it does work, I believe that is why; personally.

The stats do show that it doesn't work at a very high percentage, though, although it HAS for "millions of recovered alcoholics and addicts the world over..."; just as you said.

Just imagine how many MORE millions of recoverIN G addicts could have been helped by an even more effective program than the current one, with its universally observed LOW percentage of success. And the 12-Steppers call themselves “recovering”, not "recovered”; FYI.

Like I said, I was in the field—the low recovery rate makes it an easy field to burn out in, as I eventually did.

And, yes, we all have our own opinions, and are frequently warned what opinions are like.

We just can't have our own private facts--that is what actual science is for--to determine BETWEEN opinions; obviously.

So, I cited facts, and opinions of expert researchers, INCLUDING gay activist researchers, at:.

I cited as fact what THEY cited as fact--that, among other admissions, they had NOT discovered genetic "facts" causal to homosexuality, even though their prior OPINIONS had been other than what they finally had to admit.

And the Americans Psychological Association changed their position as a result of POLITICS in the early 1970s; not on the basis of any new science--not all psychology IS "hard science", as many in the field will admit--My sister has a Psych degree, and my Mom's a retired Psychologist/Psychotherapist.

Actually my Mom takes your position, but at least she admits there is no real hard science to back up the liberal political position. She and my stepfather are both heavily involved in far-left politics and its politically correct causes; so I'm familiar with the give-and-take involved.

But at least they are both philosophically honest, and can differentiate between real science and mere politicized/politically correct mere opinion. I've learned a lot from them. They also admit they have learned from me--humility and honesty are both quite rare in this area.


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