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Posted by long time exer on May 07, 2012 at 02:02:24

In Reply to: Re: No, it's more like this cont. posted by Pastor Don on May 06, 2012 at 23:12:17:

I don't have a pie in the sky god. (no offense meant here either, it is just my view that "god" or "gods" are the pipe dream). I told you I am for freedom but against exploitation of people and survival of the fittest society. There are people that want to take away medicare, medicaid, social security and just let "god" sort it all out.
What I am for is government controlling greed and saving money by not allowing tax deductions for charitable contributions without a clear definition of what is charitable. Some of those contributions include building palacial facilities. Heck, CBN had gold plated bathroom fixtures and staff had access to Arabian bred horses and lots of excess, thanks to "charitable contributions" and Romanian children got Barbie Dolls delivered by Jan. What a waste of money. Charity is something like volunteering services to better people's live (food, clothing, shelter, education) not building temples and churches where the proceeds go to gathering disciples who can tithe their pittances so jans and pauls, jims and tammys can guilt pensioners into parting with their paltry earning to live their excessive lives. I don't care if a person is a Christian or not. If they volunteer their services or make a charitable contribution that helps families eat, have decent shelter and food and education and learn a skill or get equipment to forge a life for themselves, that is real charity. Personally, I think all churches should be taxed according to income with exemptions for actual charitable work, not redistributing provisioned goods like TFI. (and taking good stuff for self).
When I lived in Sweden, I was surprised about how free it was compared to America at the time. Heck, people even voted on whether or not to approve widening or addition of a street.

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