For me it is not about taking sides

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Posted by human ist on September 02, 2014 at 19:54:10

In Reply to: Re: On picking sides and the current Gaza conflict posted by Student on September 02, 2014 at 09:20:34:

occupation 101 gives a detailed history of the conflict. I hope you will consider watching it as the Huffington Post article is vague, making it appear to be a conflict between two neighbors that don't like each other. It's simplistic and errant reporting. Another site to check out is Jewish Voices For Peace. Americans are not given the whole picture and our current media is more like The National Enquirer with very limited real investigative reporting. Also Palestinians are Islamist,Christian and some are atheists and skeptics. The majority in Gaza may be Muslim. There are nearly half a million people displaced since July. Jewish settlements are built amongst Palestinian territories where Palestians are treated like stray dogs and settlers are allowed to abuse them. When this last "truce" was called, Netanyahu orchestrated a 1000 acre land grab in Palestinian West Bank for more settlements. Gaza is walled in with turrets and armed IDF in areas worse than the Berlin wall. Their only water plant for desali action was destroyed. Nearly 200 schools destroyed. About 500 children killed., some by bragging IDF snipers. Over 2000 (85% civilian) Palestinians killed. Please just check out the documentary Occupation 101 and then tell me what you think. Its a humanitarian issue and not about taking sides

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