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Techi's Life Story - pg. 122 - 125

Jesus, altogether she didn't have problems with them & was a real "soldier for the Lord" when her teeth cut through.(When she was 16 months old, her back teeth came through & during this time she was more irritable & it reminded us to give her extra TLC (Tender Loving Care) 8 comfort.) At the age of 1½, she had 16 teeth, TYL!
6. DAVIDITO ALWAYS IS A SPECIAL FRIEND & COMFORTER TO HER & he knows this 8 loves to help his little sister. It's a special day for her when David comes to visit. One day David had his time with Mommy & Daddy who told him a new "Grandpa Story". As soon as Techi saw her big brother, she squealed for joy! She was jumping 8 dancing in her bouncer for awhile, so happy while watching David play with his cars, & Dad joined his children for awhile. How Techi loved to have her two most favourite lovers kneeling at her feet!
7. SHE LOVES DAVID & SHOWS HIM HER APPRECIATION BY LAUGHING & squealing at him & he in return shares his favourite toy cars with her. Davidito is very thoughtful about washing his hands before he plays with baby Techi, just as Maria taught him to do, & he even disinfects his cars by wiping them off with a diluted disinfectant solution, since Techi still puts everything into her mouth.

David & Davida only got to see Techi
during visits at that time.

8. ONCE TECHI & I VISITED THE' FAMILY AT THE STAFF HOUSE WHERE SHE SAW RICHARD FOR THE FIRST TIME who had rejoined this team, Before Techi rewards someone with her smiles, she really looks them over first, very soberly, but then she is very generous with her smiles. We stayed at the house for almost two hours before we could see Davidito because he was taking his nap. All that time she must have been missing him because she wasn't as cheerful like she usually is. But then as soon as she saw her beloved big brother, she laughed out loud for joy, reached for him to pat him & without interruption "talked to him, showing off for him all the noises she can make!
9. CHILDREN HAVE A WONDERFUL WAY TO COMMUNICATE & there seems to be a special understanding between them. When being out with Techi on a walk, she soberly takes everything in & shows a fascination for all moving things--dogs, cats, birds, cars, etc. But whenever we pass a child or another baby, Techi smiles at them & is very outgoing towards them!
10. WHEN THE WEATHER HAS BEEN NICE, WE GO OUT FOR OUR DAILY WALK WHICH WE ENJOY VERY MUCH. Facing the direction we walk she "records" everything. "She looks & acts like a Princess, even just sitting in her pram!" Path said. Sometimes we meet Path or Richard or one of the staff for a longer walk which is a real blessing 8 whoever comes along loves to have a turn pushing Techi in the buggy.
11. ONE DAY WE WENT TO THE NEARBY VILLAGE & STOPPED IN A CAFE TO WARM UP, WHEN A VERY SAD-LOOKING WOMAN SAT NEXT TO US. She was pregnant & as if Techi knew, she smiled at the lady 8 cheered her up so that she was so much happier afterwards. A few days later Richard met that lady again while out in town & she cheered up as soon as she saw him! Who knows what Techi's smiles & love towards that lady really changed in her! All our children can affect people so positively! TYJ!
12. SOME TIME AGO, DAD GAVE US SOME VERY HELPFUL INSTRUCTIONS ABOUT GOING ON WALKS WITCH CHILDREN: Normally walk on the side of the road facing the traffic; if the street has a curve, go on the outer side of the curve, where drivers can see you. Dad always prefers that two people go out together. Then, on narrow paths, one person should walk ahead & lead in single file. If it's late in the afternoon, or evening wear something light or white which can be seen better by passing cars,8 purchase a flashlight or special strap-on pedestrian/bicyclist flashlight. We strapped ours onto the pram, or the person walking in front would wear it strapped to their arm.
13. ANOTHER LESSON LEARNED WHILE ON OUTINGS WAS when leaving a restaurant the other day, I left my notebook on the table which I usually carry in my purse to take

notes about what Dad says or other important points. Just before leaving, the waiter called my attention to it! TTL! Maria told me that "forgetting a notebook is almost an unpardonable sin"--it could really be a give-away & security breach! TTL for His mercy!
14. DURING ONE TRIP THROUGH THE COUNTRYSIDE, it seemed that Techi for the first time looked with interest past the windshield & looked at the landscape. "She's looking into the World," Dad stated. "Often people say I don't like to go sightseeing because of that Letter I wrote (See "Are You a Sightseer or a Seer-Sighter? No.7). It's true, I don't like to go out & look at dead monuments & ruins, but I love to go out & look at God's wonderful creation!" Whenever Dad has the possibility, he loves to discover "back roads", not the busy tourist places. On our trips he takes us on we have discovered some of the most beautiful sceneries--right within our nearest neighbourhood!
15. MARIA ALWAYS REMINDS ME TO BE VERY CAREFUL WHEN I'M SHOPPING WITH THE BABY AROUND MANY STRANGERS. It's always good if possible to try to avoid outsiders touching the baby on her cheeks or hands, as many people love to do! In their enthusiasm about sweet & cute babies, many people don' t think about the danger of germs they can transmit to babies & little children when touching, hugging or even kissing them! Especially with children with whom Techi is not usually around & who are not quite well, I have to be on guard that they don't touch her because it comes so natural to children to be very close & affectionate one to another.
16. SO OFTEN OTHER CHILDREN HAVE RUNNY NOSES, & are not even considered sick by their parents! A little child has a runny nose, not because it can't wipe it's own nose yet (the reason some childcare books give!), but because the child has a contagious cold or is not dressed warm enough !--0r may have the beginnings of one of any number of childhood diseases which start with a cold. It seems we can just never be careful enough about contacting germs or preventing sickness, especially with little babies like Techi who can't protect or care for themselves, so thank God that "our prayers can do mighty things".
17. MARIA SUGGESTED TO ALWAYS BUY BABY CLOTHES AT LEAST ONE SIZE BIGGER than the baby's age. This way they won't be too tight. Techi's T-shirts right now are for age two, this way her back & tummy are covered better.--And it's also important to watch out for loose ends on children's clothing. Once when taking Techi's hat off, a thread got loose & tightened around her neck! 18. WE BOUGHT ANOTHER (1.40 x 1.20m) PIECE OF LIGHT-WEIGHT BUT WARM FLANNEL-ACKRYLIC MATERIAL TO MAKE A BLANKET for Techi, which was much cheaper than buying a regular baby blanket which often are not even big enough to be tucked in all the way. This is necessary now because Techi sometimes turns on her back in the night & for a couple of nights now was left uncovered for awhile. A lightweight sleeping bag can be a good solution too, to keep baby covered all night, especially when travelling a lot. 19. SINCE HER FIRST TOOTH ERUPTED, she's playing a lot with her tongue & discovered a kissing sound, actually it's more like smacking. "Feeling her tooth with her tongue probably helps the tooth to work its way through," Dad said.

A tooth!--What a new experience!

20. IN EXPERIMENTING WITH NEW SOUNDS she found that she could make a real high pitched squeaking, squealing noise which by itself isn't that bad—it's the way she uses it when expressing her displeasure. We had to tell her to stop this noise, with a very stern voice & look. Dad never likes children to scream out of no urgent reason because he, as well as other people, might interrupt their work & rush to the screaming child thinking she was hurt. To scream should only be an emergency call for help or when hurt!
21. TECHI'S NOISES & SOUNDS SOON WILL DEVELOP INTO WORDS. The first word she's speaking clearly is Father!--Although it is in Hebrew! She says "Abba!"--"A little girl of seven months is crying out & talking to the Heavenly Father, she's already praying!--Abba, Father! Such a little Yid!

So much to find out about!

--Starts speaking Yiddish already, already talking Hebrew,” Daddy said with a big smile at his daughter. Dad also marvelled at how babies for almost their first two years get everything they want without talking! And then he imitated Techi &made the noises she uses when asking for things, Techi laughed out loud at him! She's such a character & loves when Daddy entertains her with funny things! And she loves Sue, who is her other entertainer & always gets Techi to laugh!

Techi & Sue, her fellow Pisces, & entertainer!

22. AT SEVEN-&-A-HALF MONTHS SHE LEARNED TO GIVE A TOY TO SOMEONE ELSE! One evening at the dinner table she handed Mommy a toy, but of course, asked it back right away. "You stand for short-terms loans," Dad commented! "She looks you straight into your eyes when she gives or takes a toy!"
23. RIGHT NOW SHE LOVES TO STAND UP--she either pulls herself up if holding on to someone or pulls herself up in her bed

With Dad on the "throne"!

(the mattress is low enough so she won't be able to fall "overboard"). Her sturdy bed is a safe place for her to play in. It's stable enough so she can pull herself up in it & even jump while holding on to the sides. We make sure she doesn't have any sharp-edged toys in her bed so she couldn't hurt herself if she'd fall on them. She plays, which is work, with everything she can find! She is very active & stimulated! Sometimes when I want to take her & just cuddle her, she squirms in my arms, reaching for something more interesting which she has discovered!
24. AT EIGHT MONTHS SHE HAS LEARNED TO CRAWL FORWARD, but only if there's an object interesting & motivating enough to get down on all fours for! "Maybe she'll just miss out on crawling as a means of transportation, as Davidito did, & as many babies do!" Dad thought. But then with nine months Techi really crawled a

lot. She does like to be on her feet & pulls herself up wherever she can. Being very daring, she sometimes lets go with one hand to grab for something, often though landing on her bottom! God bless her, she takes it as a challenge to start all over again! We do have a carpet piece where she plays which will soften any bumps if she falls.
25. SHE STILL LOVES HER JOHNNY JUMP-UP & FOUND OUT HOW TO TWIST AROUND IN IT. The first time she did that she laughed out loud for joy after it stopped twirling, & right away started again! Watching her dancing in her bouncer reminded Dad that David would jump, too, but never actually dance in time to music like Techi does. "You are taking your daily dancing lessons, Techi, " Dad said. "That's good, God created dancing, not the Devil, like some churches try to make you believe!" When Dad had finished his "playtime break" with his daughter, he sighed, "I can hardly get away from you, but I have to, millions are waiting for me!"
26. A PAY BEFORE HER EIGHT-MONTH BIRTHDAY, TECHI WENT ON A BEAUTIFUL RIDE WITH MOMMY & DADDY & DAVIDITO. What a birthday present! Daddy said for his daughter: "Tonight is my birthday-eve-party, we took a ride to a nice little town, going back & forth so much to find our way." (We were looking for the shortest way to a certain place.) "And then we stopped & had coffee & sandwiches."--(Techi stopped nursing that day!) 27. LOOKING AT BOTH THEIR PRECIOUS CHILDREN, DAD & MARIA SAID: "Everybody in the Family will be glad to hear that Techi is a normal, average baby, having just one tooth with eight months, not walking yet --not like Davidito who was always so advanced!"

Maria & her precious children

And Dad added, "She's representing the 'weaker vessels'!"
28. ALTHOUGH TECHI IS RATHER AVERAGE COMPARED TO DAVIDITO REGARDING THE PHYSICAL, she is very much like him regarding the spiritual development & progress.--Techi knows what she came to this Earth for: "She's an angel, a perfect spirit! The Lord sent her down here to live with us to make us happy." ("Heavenly Techi", No.795). She always finds a way to make her Daddy happy!
29. WHEN TECHI GREW A LITTLE OLDER & ENJOYED HAVING BOOKS READ TO HER, she was always worried seeing people or animals hurt or sad & "asked" everybody to pray for them, herself always laying hands on & praying for them. She can also feel when one of us in the staff needs extra encouragement, she has a way about it to cheer us up, too! GBH!
30. OFTEN IN THE PAST MONTHS, DAD SAT DOWN NEXT TO TECHI FOR A LITTLE WHILE when she was in her Johnny Jump-Up; she must have gotten into a habit of this & now makes a certain noise with which she calls her Daddy when he's not watching her dancing performance! (She also must know that Daddy's room is close enough so he can hear her!) "You called me?" Daddy says when coming to sit down. "Well all right, for a little while. I wouldn't disturb my work for anyone but you!” This short visit satisfies her & reassures her, knowing that Daddy is around & she doesn't mind then when he has to go back to work.
31. "WE LIKE TO GIVE OUR CHILDREN WHAT THEY LIKE, as long as it's good for them & when they please us. That s what God does with us, He wants to give us what we desire if it's good for us," Dad told me.
32. ALTHOUGH TECHI IS VERY OUTGOING & CHEERFUL AROUND THE PEOPLE SHE KNOWS WELL, she's shy & cries easily when around people she's not used to very much. One day Alred & Jewel visited us--she knows both of them as they have been good babysitters for her before. But somehow she didn't cheer up around them & wouldn't smile but had a "sour" look on her face. Maria didn't like this at all, & told her that this was a very impolite & unloving behaviour. Techi didn't fail to smile winningly at Mommy after being talked to!
33. ALTHOUGH TECHI'S DISPLEASING EXPRESSIONS COULD HAVE BEEN CONSIDERED AS JUST BABY BEHAVIOUR, Maria showed us that there is no reason to accept it; a baby even of that age can learn to understand when it doesn't behave right & has to be

Techi's Life Story - pg. 206 - 209

dramatically, "Bad table! Bad table!" & sweet Techi didn't even start crying, she was so surprised that Daddy slapped the table! Dad then said "Well, that helps sometimes. It takes their mind off the hurt, Of course she knows we are pretending & it doesn't really do any harm. Mother Eve never liked me to do that & Maria doesn't like me to do that either, but my Mother did it & I like to do it". Maria doesn't really like it because she says that it puts the blame on the object when really the child is to blame for their own mistake & this is a very important point. Dad: "Well, they learn this too, but of course she knows it's a whole big act--Techi knows it's just a big act". Techi often starts laughing at herself then & it doesn't take her long to be all cheerful & happy again. She's such a happy child! Dad says: "She's naturally happy."
15. BUSY LITTLE TECHI HAS BEEN HAVING A DIFFICULT TIME SETTLING DOWN AT NIGHT. We usually "unwind" by reading a story, but then for a few nights she had had a hard time accepting that there has to be an end to the story & that she has to go to sleep. So we agree now & say "This is the last story & then we have to lie down." This helps. The evening is the most active time in our home--Dad & Maria have time with the children then & everybody is together; so it's understandable that the children need their time to settle down.--It offers a good possibility for playing Word tapes!
16. THE BEAUTIFUL WEATHER ENABLED US TO PLAY OUTSIDE A WHOLE LOT & dear Alfred found a real nice & safe little children's swing-seat for Techi which she enjoys very much. Even just from playing outside for a little while with a hat & a little T-shirt on, she got sunburned on her arm. Not very bad, but she belongs to the people with light skin & light hair which really have to be careful being exposed to the sun. Maria suggested to put Vitamin E on the sunburn.
17. BESIDES THE BEAUTIFUL BLOSSOMING TREES & ALL THE FLOWERS BLOOMING, THE ANTS ARE COMING OUT TOO, even building a big ant hill at the edge of our yard which always gives a great wonder for the children & big people to watch. Techi squats down watching them for a long long time, & although being tempted in the beginning to touch one or to see what they feel like, she learned to just watch them & be very careful not to step on

--A boat-
ride in
the pool.

them, as Dad has exhorted the children not to harm the little ants or their hills, & to walk way around them so as to avoid destroying them even by mistake!
18. SOMETIMES BEFORE WE GO TO BED AT NIGHT WE STEP OUTSIDE & LISTEN TO THE "SOUNDS IN THE NIGHT", watching the stars & especially listening to the "frog concert" going on in one of the neighbours' ponds.
19. TECHI LIKES TO PLAY WITH DAVID'S ABACUS, which has real colourful beads. She enjoys pushing them back & forth. Dad was watching her & said about this abacus that it is the World's oldest computer, first invented by the Chinese, & then looking at her he said, "Well, she is an everlasting marvellous computer, eternal!".
20. HERE'S A LITTLE SAMPLE OF SHOWING THE GREAT FAITH IN HEALING WHICH TECHI HAS & how she's so expectant when praying, a real sample for us big people to become "as the little children." We had a set of puppets, a little girl & a little boy, & by accident the head of the little girl broke. It was made out of plaster. Techi was very very concerned & felt sad about it. I myself didn't have much faith that it could get fixed because there were so many pieces & it seemed as if it would look cracked for ever after. Techi then kept looking at it, really concerned & took my hand & hers, putting it on the broken pieces & said "Pray!" She closed her eyes, she actually squints them together & prayed "Jesus help!" So we asked Jesus to help us fix the dolly & it was a real miracle! All the pieces fit together

again! We worked on it for about 20 minutes or rather I worked on it while she was just watching, sitting next to me, very intensly watching, very concentrated! There weren't any cracks left afterwards! It showed me how much her prayers meant, how she knew that prayer can change things & how much she believed in her prayer. She really expected an answer! GBH! What faith!


21. TECHI HAD FUN WATCHING SARA MAKING POPCORN, of course from a safe distance. Dad says it's a healthy snack as long as the weather's cool & the kitchen could use the heat from preparing it! It's not a hot weather food! Techi likes it especially with salt. Dad said "Well, it's better for her than sweets & she seems to need the salt if she asks for it like this!"
22. MARIA GAVE TECHI SOME CHERRIES & Daddy taught her how to spit out the pit. This sometimes is a little difficult for especially the little ones, & Dad told us that Dr. Koger used to say, that it's not bad at all for children to eat the cherry pit. The peel of this little stone contains some very important & good vitamins. The Lord must have intended the pit of the cherries to be eaten. During Communion when Techi drank quite a bit of the Communion wine, Dad said "She really wants to make sure she's saved!"
23. ESPECIALLY OUR little girls here LIKE TO PLAY WITH A TEA SET & make imaginary popcorn or pancakes, then going about offering them to everybody. Maria asked us to please be careful & just pre tend to drink from the cup but not actually to put our mouth on the cup which wouldn't be very hygienic, & would be an easy way for germs to spread. Pleas be sure to wash tea sets frequently when your children play with them, tea sets & any toy utensils don't belong on a dirty floor or any dirty surface. The children should be taught to treat a tea-set just like dishes!
24. DAD CAUTIONED US ABOUT THE CHILDREN PLAYING OUTSIDE,--they shouldn't go into the ta11 grass, so as to prevent any bites from spiders or snakes. When walking with children on a road which doesn't have a sidewalk, please be sure to keep to one side. Don't spread out to both sides because when a car comes, this makes it especially difficult for the driver to steer the car & have to be aware of people on both sides. Stay to one side, & walk single-file if necessary.
25. WHEN WATCHING THE NEWS & especially in a foreign language which then has to be translated by one of our nationals, Dad either likes the children to be very quiet & still or to not be in the room for the time being so there won't be any distraction! Also often the TV news pictures are violent and gruesome and it should be prevented that the children even see most of them.
26. TECHI LIKES TO DRESS UP & one night she discovered Davida's sun hat, which on Techi looks like one of these tropical hats the English people used to wear when they lived in the colonies. Dad used to wear a sun hat like this when living in Florida & Texas, since it's very hot there. He said that once mother Eve had a sun stroke which involved headache & fever & made her quite sick.
27. WHEN SOON AFTER RICHARD CAME & JOINED OUR TEAM AGAIN, he worked outside a lot. This was a change for him, who before had been doing lots of inside work, & for the first days Richard was plagued by strong headaches till he started to wear a sun hat to protect him from the heat, thanks to "Dad's suggestion! A whole year later now--as this story gets written—dear Alfred does lots of camera work, videoing Dad & his Revelation Classes. Since strong lights are necessary for this work, Dad suggested Alfred wear a sun hat & sun glasses while filming.
28. DAD LOVES TO WATCH LITTLE SPARROWS. He says that those birds are really amazing. They're found all over the World & the Bible mentions them a lot. (Mt.10:29, 31; Ps.84:3, Ps. 102:7.)

sitting on his throne & a little play broom as his scepter. Dad said, "Well, he's a humble king. He's using a broom for his scepter. Good for him!"
30. WE WERE WATCHING A TV PROGRAM with classical music. It showed a man playing the mandolin, an instrument that Dad used to play, very similar to the banjo. The artist wasn't very inspiring looking & Dad wished, "It would be so much nicer if they would have girls swaying & dancing to this music!" Dad said he played the mandolin when he was on a boat ride in the moonlight with a pretty girl. Happy girl!
31. DAD WAS WATCHING THE NEWS TALKING ABOUT THE POPE VISITING FRANCE. It had been a long time since a Pope had been to France, the last time was when the Pope came to apparently crown Napoleon. Dad wondered if this visit now (Spring 1980) was symbolic for the Pope to come & crown the President of France. Giscard!

[SEX & CLEANLINESS--From a talk by Dad]
32. "CHILDREN CAN GET LITTLE THINGS FROM PEOPLE WHO ARE CARRIERS. It may not bother you, but it may bother them! You must protect the children from any kind of infection which you might carry & they can get from you. You may carry it & not even know it!
33. "PLEASE BE AWFUL CAREFUL ABOUT CHILDREN HAVING ANY KIND OF SEXUAL ACTIVITY WHICH WOULD INFECT THEM. I wouldn't en-courage it too much. What comes naturally, that's up to them, but don't try to sic them on each other & encourage it. I like things just to come naturally in due course, in due season. Whenever they arc investigative or curious or something, well, that's another thing, but trying to sic them on each other or trying to make some kind of sport out of it, I don't go for it, particularly anything which could possibly transfer a disease which might even be harmless to you but might be harmful to them!
34. "PLEASE KEEP YOUR FINGERS & YOUR HANDS CLEAN! Some girls have a great tendency to want to caress you after you have had sex, forgetting that their fingers aren't clean & therefore can spread uncleanness. It's a perfectly natural affectionate thing for them to do, but you you should remember that your hands are not clean after handling things down there. They just are not what the Bible would call clean! You should think about that during & after sex if your fingers have become soiled or dirty or greasy or moist & warm with sexual activity. They are not clean & that warm sticky stuff can carry some kinds of germs. Parents may have just had sex, then if a child wakes in the night for example, a parent may by instant reflex, go to the child to stroke his face or take him potty--but please wash hands before touching! Keep cheap cologne by your bed for quick clean-ups! Alcohol is a disinfectant.
35. "SO PLEASE BE CAREFUL TO EACH OTHER 8 THE CHILDREN. Never touch the children for any reason except with very clean hands. Don’t even wipe them or whatever. Certainly don't feed them without very clean washed hands. The old Jewish Mosaic Law was very particular about that. You had to wash your hands for all kinds of reasons, definitely before meals. You had to wash your hands to the elbow for all kinds of things. And the sexual laws of cleanliness in Leviticus, the Jewish Mosaic Law, commands you to be sure that after sex or any kind of sexual activity to immediately rise & wash yourself, take a bath. Wash I presume as much as you could, change your clothing & change your bedding. How about that? Particularly it specifies, if there's been an emission.--Leviticus 15:16-18.
36. "CLEANLINESS IS GODLINESS, NOT NEXT TO IT, IT IS GODLINESS, so for God's sake, for the sake of these little children, keep yourself clean! Keep your hands clean, & if you are not clean, keep your hands away & don't encourage any kind of sexual activity that could be unclean & germ bearing & infectious!
37."YOU HAVE TO HAVE A CERTAIN AMOUNT OF MODERATION TO BE TEMPERATE IN ALL THINGS. I don't believe in pushing sex, particularly regarding children. I don't believe in encouraging it, in a way, but I don't believe in discouraging it either. I don't believe in pushing it, but I don't believe in inhibiting what comes & happens naturally.
38. "WHAT COMES ACCORDING TO THEIR NATURAL CURIOSITY & NATURAL COURSE OF EVENTS, just treat it like a perfectly natural thing so they don't get all freaked out about it. But don't go out of your way to keep pushing them into it or whatever. It could be abusing it & overdoing it & getting them a little too conscious of those things. It should be a minor part of life, even amongst full-grown adults & mates, etc. Sex is normally about 2% of your life." TYJ for Dad & Maria's sample in all aspects of our lives! Real Parents.--We pray, dear Jesus, that you help all our parents Worldwide to faithfully learn from Dad through his Letters, & that all our parents continue to grow in Love & diligence in their care for Your children, Lord!--PTL! We love you! (Amen! GBY!--Dad.)

Techi's Life Story - pg. 209

TECHI'S SALVATION TESTIMONY!--20 mos. old! DT34  November 1980
—Chapter 34 of Techi's Life Story!—By Dora Techi

Techi with Jesus in her heart!

1. ONCE, WHEN LITTLE TECHI HAS ONLY ABOUT TEN MONTHS OLD, she sat on Dad's lap, playing with him. Real lovingly Dad looked at her & said: "Well, the Letter says: 'Your Two-Year-01d Can Receive Jesus'--but you know Jesus already!" Hallelujah! PTL!--0ur precious little angel!
2. THEN, WHEN 18 MONTHS OLD, I HAD ASKED DAD & MARIA FOR COUNSEL ON TECHI'S ASKING JESUS INTO HER HEART, & mentioned to Dad his above statement. "Is Techi already saved then?" I asked. Dad: "Yes, I believe it. PTL! But to be sure, you can ask her to pray & ask Jesus into her heart!"
3. AT THAT TIME ALSO, TECHI COULD SPEAK QUITE WELL ALREADY, but sometimes would say things which sounded like a totally different language, as if she was speaking in tongues! Dad said about this: "Yes, why not? She's filled with the Spirit!"
4. THEN I READ OVER ALL DAD'S COUNSEL IN "YOUR TWO-YEAR-OLD CAN RECEIVE JESUS" (No. 708) again, which encourages the Salvation of little children so much. "I believe you can lead a child to the Lord as soon as he is able to talk," Dad says. Amen.

Since Techi asked Jesus into her heart,
she had a special liking for the
Christmas Story!

5. TWO MONTHS LATER, A WEEK BEFORE TECHI'S 20 MONTH BIRTHDAY, SHE PRAYED & OPENED HER HEART FOR JESUS TO ENTER! Here's the testimony written to Dad & Maria the following day: (One week before her 20 mos. birthday!) 8:40 AM, 13 November 1980 S. GOOD MORNING! VERY DEAREST DAD & MARIA, Techi. is stilt sleeping,, -it's a beautiful sunny morning & a gorgeous new day.' I wanted to tell you the happy, wonderful news: Techi asked Jesus into her heart last night! Hallelujah! TYJ!--
7. THE BIG CHILDREN S SABA HAD GIVEN HER AN ML POSTER showing Jesus knocking at the door of the heart of a little child 8 Revelation 3:20 written on it. (See Mag. No.15.) We hung it next to where she sleeps S then lay down for our cuddle & reading time, just us two; the children & Sara had gone upstairs. Techi knew this poster already, although she hadn't seen it coloured yet—she liked it & kept talking about it. I told her that
8. JESUS IS KNOCKING AT HER HEART TOO, WAITING FOR HER TO ASK HIM IN. She looked at me very seriously, then kind of laughed, handing me the TK Mag (No.I5, "Feet of Faith") & said "Read book!" And without my intention the Mag opened up to the story of "Wise Techi"--she looked at it, saying "Grandpa & Mummy", & chuckled when she saw Abrahim. Opening up to this story really

Techi's Life Story - pg. 226 - 241

--Picture Story!--1½ to 2½ years old
DT36 Dec.'81
—Chapter 36 of Techi's Life Story, by Dora T.

"I'm Ivan Ivanovitch..." Techi, 1-3/4
years old, performing Russian style for
Dad & all his helpers!

1. TYJ FOR DAD'S BEAUTIFUL LESSONS ON HOW TO DANCE TO GOD'S GLORY! (See Mag. 42) So often when watching our beautiful women on video, Dad remarks, "Our girls are the prettiest ones in the whole World, because they have Jesus & let His Light & Love shine through!" PTL!
2. DAD MENTIONS IN THE LETTER "GLORIFY GOD IN THE DANCE!". NO. 1026, HOW THE LORD MUST HAVE GIVEN BABIES A REAL NATURAL DESIRE FOR MUSIC, RHYTHM & DANCING. When Techi was just six months old, she used to jump up & down in her bouncer, keeping pace with the music. Dad: "She even does little dancing steps! She must have a dancing Spirit helper! Lord willing, we can let her learn ballet when she's a bit older!"
3. AT THIS TIME TECHI STARTED TO ENJOY WATCHING FAMILY VIDEOS. ESPECIALLY IF CHILDREN WERE PERFORMING! Even now there's hardly anything which can keep her seated, she has to get up "rocking & bopping" along! Or even if she's busy eating & we have music playing, she swings along in

1-1/2 year old Techi checks if Daddy is
watching her dance!--And he always does
& never fails to appreciate her efforts,
& rewards her with big applause.--The
audience's encouraging reaction is vital
to help the little ones perform!

the rhythm! Even during play, she might stop her playing to swing along or close her eyes when dancing to the music. "She's probably seeing things in the Spirit when she closes her eyes 1ike that!" Dad thinks.
4. "IT'S MARVELLOUS HOW SHE MOVES DIFFERENTLY TO DIFFERENT BEATS & RHYTHMS. She can actually differentiate the rhythms! Her best way to learn is to mimic. Just show her how to do it, how to dance, & she'll mimic!" Dad advised us regarding Techi's dancing talent, "She's got rhythm in her bones! We must teach her to dance or she'll lose one of her talents!" Dad told us this when Techi was 1-3/4 years old. At that time Techi often gave "shows" especially for her Daddy! She'd always perform her best for him, & one of her favourite dancing songs was, "When the Spirit of God Moves in Me, I Dance for King David!"

Inspiration time! Techi (1½) & Peter A.

"London Bridge" with Grandpa!

5. DAD TO TECHI: "YOU WONDER GIRL! --That's what I'll call you! Oh what a wonder that she loves me!" PTL! And to us, Dad said, "You've got a handful, a handful of responsibility, a handful of talent who really needs a coach!" TYJ!
6. SO. WHEN TECHI WAS ONE YEAR & 10 MONTHS OLD. WE STARTED DAILY SHORT LESSONS teaching Techi, Davida (nearly 5), & David (6) about rhythm. We mainly practiced dancing steps with the two girls, while David learned to play the guitar, which he progressed in so well that soon he even could support the background music for the girls' performances!
7. NOW, AS THIS CHAPTER IS WRITTEN. TECHI IS 2 YEARS 9 MONTHS OLD & it is rewarding & inspiring to see how much she has learned over these past months of faithful teaching, GBH! From the beginning, Dad reminded us, "Keep it fun--not work . He said, "She's quite an ingenious natural dancer, so don't regiment her style too much. Teach her steps & routines when she's in the mood, but then let her dance her own. way when so inspired. I think the group dancing--follow-the-leader--wi11 help her with routines, as she likes to mimic." So this was the key: Mimic!
8. SO HERE ARE SOME DANCING & VIDEOING TIPS WHICH SARA & 1 COLLECTED SOON AFTER WE TAUGHT THE GIRLS about simple dancing steps , rhythm & appreciation for music. Since our children can't go out witnessing & perform for others, all the video-shows we've taken of the children turned into our "witnessing shows" for Grandpa & Maria. Many of these tips might not pertain to you, since your children have live performing sessions with a great audience to witness to, God bless them! Nevertheless, we'd like to share with you things we've learned about dancing & videoing children's shows. (We'd never taught dancing before!) They are all live shows too--one-take shots!


9. OUR FIRST DANCE RECITAL WAS ACTUALLY AFTER ONLY FIVE DAYS of simple dance practice. The songs were short simple "Tiny tot" songs taken from a System record that just had very basic movements, i.e. flying your arms like a bird, swinging arms like you're painting with a paintbrush, squatting up & down, hopping & even waving scarves to a swaying movement. These songs were not specifically about Jesus, but they did turn their key as a beginning attempt since they were all new songs to the children & simple to "dance" to!

The children took turns introducing
the show, with date & their ages. "My
name is Techi & I'm 2 years old."
Sometimes we had them hold a sign with the
date & place written on it.

A present from Grandpa! The next day we
used it as a prop in our video show.

wave & swing in the air with rhythm movements, little berets for French painters, as well as hand-made colourful pallets for a painting song, kittycat ears on their hairbands for a song about feeding a kitten & pretty little umbrellas for songs about raindrops.
11. IN LATER SHOWS WE HAD LIGHTWEIGHT BAGS FOR THEM TO SWING OVFR THEIR SHOULDERS for "Brave Pioneers", roses to dance with for ballet, homemade stick horses for a cowboy song of "Land of Not Too Much", earrings, scarves, turbans & lots of jewelry & scarf-skirts for a Bahama song, "Everybody Can Be Happy!" For "Holy Holes" we made two big round circles

Our Bahama girl! A tangerine as a
reward for a good performance!

from cardboard & covered them in aluminium foil to try to emphasise a message as we danced. This is something we've tried to impress on the girls, that they're dancing as a witness & doing it for the Lord!
12. AS FAR AS TEACHING BASIC DANCING MOVEMENTS WE FOUND THE SIMPLER THE BETTER IN EVERY WAY! The very basics begin of course with knowing your right foot & hand from your left foot & hand. To em-

phasise this, we gave them colourful little bracelets to put on their right hands so that when we called for "righty" or "right-hand" they knew it was the hand with the new bracelet on it. This also worked for feet, tying little anklets or ribbons around their right foot. We always began to the right in any kind of dancing movement. So anklets & bracelets on their right extremities helped them to learn.
Even in filming we usually had a bracelet on the right hand to help them remember.

Techi's first Kiddy Viddy show, 1 year
10 months old. Techi came out from the
children's playhouse to perform with
her Teddy.

13. WE FOUND OUT RIGHT FROM THE START THAT NAMING THE STEP IN A DESCRIPTIVE MANNER is the best way for them to learn it rather than just showing them how to do it. We always had to call out the movement such as "right-hand out", or "point-back-point" when pointing toes on one foot then placing it next to the other again, or "circle", or "out-back-down. Step-step".
14. BASICALLY AS OUR REPERTOIRE INCREASED. WE USED THE VERY SAME STEPS BUT TO DIFFERENT SONGS. Often it was just a matter of a step to the right then step the left foot to join it which we called "side-together, side-together"--or a sway, bobbing back & forth, up & down, S free-style for choruses, etc.
15. WE ALSO HAD LESSONS ON THE BASICS OF RHYTHM. David included, with not only using our rhythm instruments regularly throughout that time, but also marching in rhythm & following in sequence, like follow-the-leader. See FC's new class

When Dad saw this photo he titled it
"Busking!"--The children had great fun
one night doing an impromptu "Spanish
Show", performing with Sara's help for
all!—-A Spanish dance & songs
using rhythm instruments.

"Music With Mommy" for lots of good ideas on marching, rhythm & unity with songs such as "Jump Down, Turn Around, Touch the Ground" & "Come on, Let's All Join Hands & March Around the Room". (See FC Book.)
16. IT IS ENCOURAGING FOR THE CHILDREN TO HAVE AT LEAST ONE OR TWO "FREE-STYLE" SONGS within each show so they don't have to be "told" every time what to do, but can also have an imagination of their own of how to move to the song. Songs we used free-style were "Sea Cruise" for the

twist, or "Rockin1 Robin" etc.
17. SOMETIMES WHEN BEGINNING A BRAND NEW SONG WE'D ASK THEM. "How does this song make you want to move? Does it make you want to sway or hop or tap or do ballet, etc?" & we often got good ideas from the girls themselves of what to do for the dance! They often planned the show!
18. OFTEN. TO BEGIN THE DANCE SESSION WE HAD A WARM-UP with swaying or basic movements reviewing at least one or two songs a day & also began learning a new song. As Dad says, it's always better to have a repertoire of a few songs you know well than too many songs you don't know well.
19. WE HAVE NOT HAD THE GIRLS SING ALONG WITH DANCING because this involves two different things & it's quite difficult for 1ittle children to do two things at once. It's even a lot to expect them to hold on to a prop & dance at the same time; therefore props should only be an accessory and not actually have much to do with the dance itself. To do something with their feet at the same time as they move

Roll that Gold, Techi!--A "side-together"
step & then rolling arm movements
was quite a challenge for two-&-a-half
year old Techi!

with their hands is quite a lot to expect of a young child. You'll find this out if you try to have a marching routine with clapping at the same time.--It's almost like asking them to rub their tummies & pat their heads! Hands should move naturally & in rhythm with what your legs are doing without having to be told what to do. Hands help to tell the message in dance!
20. THERE'S NO BETTER MUSIC THAN OUR OWN MWM FAMILY SONGS WHICH WE USED FOR OUR DANCING CLASSES, especially because they have the message, which is the main purpose of our even learning to dance, for a witness & to glorify Jesus!


21. WE SCHEDULED A 30 MINUTE DANCE TIME DAILY. JUST BEFORE LUNCH & found that dancing in the very same room & even the very same spot in the room also helped them get down the routine better, because if we changed our location they didn't exactly have the same confidence, & if their routine had been broken they didn't do quite as well in dancing.
22. WE HAD A NICE SUNNY SCHOOL ROOM with a big rug in the middle of the floor where we taped three little pieces of black electrical tape on the floor to show the children exactly where they should stand (having David included sometimes). That way when they would be videoed at their actual dance recitals, they would be accustomed to standing in the right spot, the cameraman could focus better, & all could see their faces on film. Setting up a routine for every bit of training helps them to learn faster & not have to be told again everyday the same rules for position & preparing to dance.
23. WE MADE THE MISTAKE IN THE BEGINNING OF MAKING A LOT OF CIRCLE MOVEMENTS & marching in a big circle pattern around the room so that it was very difficult to film them on video; not only did we lose focus, but we often lost the wide scene in the dance pattern. We found it much better to stick to simple movements while standing in place so the kids learned to look at the camera & the audience 8 the cameraman was able to stay in better focus.
24. WHEN ACTUALLY FILMING THE GIRLS ON VIDEO, the cameraman often didn't exactly know what we were going to do for our show, so we found we had to review briefly the area where the girls would be dancing, reviewing all the movements so he would know how far to zoom out & how to include

"You've Gotta Be A Holy Hole!"

the props in the filming, such as umbrellas held up high or squatting down on the floor for an ending, etc.
25. WE ALSO PROPPED A BIG ROOM MIRROR RIGHT AGAINST THE WALL WHILE DANCING, which was M&M's idea, to show the girls how they looked when dancing. Then, when being filmed, we propped the very same mirror right directly under the lens of the camera so the girls could see themselves as they performed, & when they looked at themselves in the mirror it seemed they were looking right at the camera.
26. THE CAMERA AT THE TIME WAS ADJUSTED ALL THE WAY DOWN ON ITS TRIPOD so the cameraman could sit on the chair while filming at the girls' eye level. This way the girls didn't look so tiny but looked real close-up on film.
27. DAD PREFERS THE FILMING MAN TO ALWAYS ZOOM IN ON CUTE EXPRESSIONS & to zoom out on the entire dance sequence as a group, but not to miss those close-ups, especially when the girls give a pretty smile. We also found when filming that it was good to continue filming the girls a moment after the song was over because they usually smile real cute in appreciation

Our cameraman with the monitor facing
him & a big mirror facing the children!

of their own efforts.
28. IT WAS MARIA'S IDEA WITH OUR VERY FIRST DANCE RECITALS to be sure & reward especially little Techi from time to time throughout the shows so she'll know her efforts are being appreciated. We offered her some raisins or grapes, a little glass of apple juice or even sometimes a little necklace or bracelet she could keep & even use in the next song as an accessory in the dance! This proved especially fruitful when filming because it can be very tiring for the girls to do maybe five or six songs in a row. And the rewards--if not real distracting, but rather something that can be eaten or even danced with afterwards--are better than something that will distract them all together, like a new toy.
29. SOMETHING THAT MADE THE LITTLE GIRLS REALLY WANT TO START THEIR DANCE LESSONS EVERYDAY was the added blessing of a pair of little black canvas shoes, (real dancing shoes are too expensive), that they put on themselves at the beginning of the lesson. We sewed big red yarn pom-poms on the tops of their shoes for a special surprise, & it looked especially nice on

Sweet staff member Margie helps to sew
& decorate the girls' dancing outfits!

30. THE GIRLS HAD LEOTARDS & two different summer outfits they danced in. In cold weather they wore turtlenecks under their outfits & thin tights with no panties so as not to show bulges under their leotards. We also had an assortment of very cheap costume jewelry to change their outfit a little bit from dance to dance & also to give out as rewards when they danced especially well.
31. CONCERNING PROPS, MAKE SURE THEY'RE NOT TOO DIFFICULT TO MANAGE, sling around or move with, also something that won't drop, spill or make a noise in a film. In the song "Everybody Can Be Happy" from MWM the girls simply "strutted" in a circle carrying little straw baskets with artificial fruit in them. We first tried lemons S tangerines but they rolled out & were too heavy to carry, so just colourful ribbons S light plastic artificial fruit from their toy set served better for the actual video show.
32. REGARDING MAKE-UP: BE CAREFUL ABOUT USING LIPSTICK OR CHEEK BLUSH. We tried this on our first video for showing up better on film which looked pretty, but if over-done it can actually ruin the whole effect: Light shaded lipstick is the best kind of make-up to use on cheeks or lips

Just a "Simple Song" for you!

Costume jewelry, necklaces, bracelets &
earrings, scarves & a fruit basket to
dress-up for one of the girls' favourites:
"Everybody Can Be Happy!"--A sheet
& paper flowers for backdrop!

if it's even needed at all. A flower in the hair is always nice too!
33. THE NIGHT BEFORE PLANNING OUR "KIDDY VIDDY SHOW" as Dad likes to call them, we made our simple back-drop or scenery preparations. Sometimes we'd drape off an area of the room, which was our regular dancing area we were used to, & used a shiny silky sheet simply tacked along the wall or over a chest of drawers or book shelves to set off a plain draped area. Then we pinned onto the silky sheet big pieces of shiny paper cut out in shapes of flowers, & for the flower stems we pinned on shiny ribbons. To set off the floor line of our scene we sometimes placed potted plants & a few stuffed toys set in-between them. We also put props along the floor line so the girls could have easy access to them for their next dance & also to add to the decorative scenery. We used the same group of basic materials for several shows & always kept them prepared & packed in a plastic bag in the case that we might be "called-on" to do a show for Grandpa, which did happen on occasion. So since our props & scenery were all together in nice prepared bags, we could quickly grab at will what props & even music tapes were needed to do a little show should the king call in his girls! Ha!
34. OF COURSE, IT'S ALWAYS A GREAT BLESSING WHEN THE CAMERAMAN. FLOOR DIRECTOR & DANCE DIRECTOR HAVE ALL PRAYED TOGETHER for things to work smoothly & in order before attempting such a kiddy show. It's very important that the camera, lights, etc. are completely set up before you get all the kids excited about performing. We don't even start dressing up the children until about the last 15 minutes when the boys give us the sign that they are soon ready to film. This way the children are refreshed & ready, not too nervous & haven't been dressed in costumes so long that they're already tired of the idea or will have them messed & muffed before the show begins.
35. IT'S IMPORTANT TOO THAT THE FILMING CREW, USUALLY A CAMERAMAN & A SOUND-AUDIO MAM, counsel together quietly among themselves about the technical part of the job so as not to distract the children or distract the teacher. The dancing teacher or children's leader has to keep the chil-
After the big girls all had a turn to dance for our king & the Eden series, Techi (2) & Davida (5) loved it too! Dad says they are both real naturals at dancing!

dren constantly inspired & envisioned about what they're doing so that the kids don't start losing their inspiration for their witnessing mission. Dad taught us about the "one-shot" revolution from the start, so we shoot the scene once & never go over it again. This really livens up our show & keeps us depending on the Lord! We must go by faith & let the show keep running. We've also taught the girls if anything should happen, should their hat fell off, their shoe fly off, whatever, "The show must go on!"
36. ...AMEN! OUR DANCE LESSONS WENT ON OVER THESE PASTMONTHS, starting, as we said, with real simple songs & steps, & then we had video shows about every two weeks, dancing to MWM songs, & also quoting on video the children's memory work.
37. AS DAD SAYS, WHEN ARRANGING OUR "KIDDY VIDDY SHOWS", WE PUT "OUR BEST FOOT FORWARD", starting with the song the children perform best, then we place the second best song at the end, with songs they don't quite do so well in-between. And Maria often reminds us to "capture" the children's stages & talents on video, even their schooling sometimes. So...
38. SOME TIME LATER WHEN WE HAD ANOTHER VIDEO SHOW, when Techi was two years four months old, she started off with one of her favourites, "Sex in Heaven" by Fisher! Techi was dressed just with a scarf & played during her dance with a big plume feather!
39. DAD, AFTER VIEWING THE CHILDREN'S SHOW, warded us that it wasn't very wise to film Techi all naked. At that time we lived in South Africa, which has real strict laws regarding pornography! Dad advised us to put away this video. "The Lord probably has us in a country such as this, in a situation where we have to be more careful with nudity, so that we'll learn to have more consideration for other Family members who now live in conservative countries with laws regarding nudity & pornography." Dad then also reminded us how he likes drapes, & how it's even more sexy & revealing than total nudity. We learned then to use pretty coloured scarves in many different ways to drape, as you can see!
40. MAYBE YOU TOO HAVE AN ENERGETIC 2-1/2 YEAR OLD WHO DOESN'T YET JOIN IN WITH SINGING, but would enjoy witnessing with a dance, letting their "lights so

A drape to cover her pubic area
would have been better!

Glamour Girl!—In a sequence of several
dances, we altered costumes with just a
little change in one scarf or headband.

shine!" Dad says: "One day, all our little ones will be dancing before the 'King of Kings'!" Hallelujah! We love you!

David sings & plays the guitar while Davida & Techi sing & dance. The children practiced the Family Gypsy songs for about four days before the Kiddy Viddy Show, one of their favourites! (Most of the songs are actually difficult to sing & play, & we would have done better to have the MWM Gypsy tape playing in the background to support the children's singing.) The props to this show are quite effective: Sara built the campfire with construction paper & red cellophane for the flames, & actual firewood on the ground. Under it, Alf placed a small light for the "fire" effect during the show! The Gypsy flannelgraph figures were pinned to the wall & we zoomed in on them for the introduction to the show! The girls wore colourful scarves, were decorated with necklaces & big earrings made from bracelets. And, of course, no panties!!

Following Abrahim's footsteps! David,
the Gypsy King! (6-1/2 years old)

The Gypsies of the Lord!

Davida (5-1/2) poses with the Gypsy
King, after she performed a belly dance
for him!

DT37 1981-1982
Chapter 37 of Techi's Life Story, by Dora Techi.


1. EVER SINCE TECHI WAS REAL LITTLE. SHE'S LOVED TO "DRESS-UP"! It doesn't take much--a cap, a scarf, pretty ribbons or a piece of material will serve her purpose just to be different! When just about a year old, Techi once tried on Maria's wide rim Summer hat & posed with it in front of the mirror. "Oh my", Maria remarked. "She's quite vain & just a year old!" But Dad with a twinkle in his eye excused his little girl & told Maria, "Honey, no, she's not vain--just clothes-conscious!" Ha!

It's not only the hat which turns Techi
into a Pisces-tomboy!--(l½ years)

2. THEN CAME SUMMER 1981, OUR LAST WEEKS IN FRANCE BEFORE MOVING SOUTH, when everybody was not only involved in packing & moving, but it also was the time when Dad was very busy finishing the Eden video series & recording his beautiful songs! While the boys, with Maria's assistance, were filming Dad downstairs, the children & we all had to keep very quiet up

1 year, 4 months: Techi chooses her own
necklaces--sometimes four or five at a
time--& wears them all day!

It is surprising how even a 1-1/2
year old knows how to handle a piece
of material effectively—all woman!

A Techi pin-up! (1 year, 3 months)

Our little princess all wrapped up
in pretty ribbons!

2½--year-old Techi enjoys herself with
scarves & belts while Dad gives a talk.
"Our poor lil' Palestinian refugee", he
calls her!

stairs every evening. We usually first viewed the previous chapter of the Eden series & then continued with the big workload & all the many things which had to be finished up before the big move. 3. SOME OF US ADULTS TOOK TURNS IN CARING FOR THE CHILDREN THEN & each one chose a theme for their "Around the World" night, as we called it, with the children, which was lots of fun & also a real big learning time for them! Rich chose "Austrian Night"--with him & David dressed in shorts (sorry, we didn't have any leather pants!) & the girls in a dress similar to the "Dirndl", the native Austrian dress. They learned all about the Alpine people & their life & read the "Mountain Man" TK together. And in a far away corner of the upstairs so they wouldn't disturb Grandpa's filming, dear Rich taught the children the "Schuhplattler", the Austrian dance where you clap on your knees & shoe soles. (Only for a dance would they touch their shoe soles!) Then of course had to follow a "hearty" snack with bread & cheese, broken off in pieces in real country-style! What fun!

4. OTHER THEMES LIKE THIS WERE SPANISH, HAWAIIAN. INDIAN, MEXICAN & GERMAN NIGHTS, where we always tried to dress up in somehow a typical fashion of the country, & read either a TK about it or had a Geography or History lesson concerning the country & tried to serve an appropriate snack! We also had Mo Letter nights, when Ivan Ivanovitch once came to visit, & one night we even had rather rough guests!

You guessed right! Tom, the Gangster &
one of his men {Rich & Sara) tried to
kidnap Naomi (Davida)! But no chance!
Grandmother (Margie) stepped in to help
--These dress-ups & skits were rather
impromptu, & for this one we had to
ensure lil' Techi that it wasn't
really "Tom, the Gangster"!

Ivan Ivanovitch & his friends sailing
down the Dniepr River! Techi as Katrina
with her boots, Christina & Alex who's
trying Ivan's bottle! And Rich always
ready for some fun!

Our goddesses greet you: Techi, the
Pearl goddess & Davida, Goddess Vishnu
of India. All the girls dressed up as a
goddess for Saturday night dinner. The
costumes were copied from Eman's TK, one
of our girls' favourite ML's. Nighties,
slips, scarves & costume jewelry were
all we needed!

Sweet FFer Techi on the dance floor!
with Rich, the Austrian businessman!
--She met him at the "club" & didn't
fail to witness to him & to show him
God's Love!--The girls learned about behaviour
in a Club & about how to get
ready for FF night, what to wear & what
to carry along in their purse!

"Indian night", dressed up with vests &
towels & decorated with "peace paint"!
The children learned about Indians &
slept for the night in their "wigwam",
made of chairs & a sheet on their bedroom

David, the page-boy, taking care of his
fair maidens! Dress-up for "German
Night"; the girls made their hats from
wall-paper books with a scarf attached
to the point!

5. WHEN HE THEN MOVED FROM THE SMALL SECLUDED FRENCH FARM HOUSE TO A BUSY SUBURB IN SOUTH AFRICA. Dad suggested we go in small groups once weekly for "dinner out" at one of the nearby restaurants. Techi & Davida especially enjoyed dressing-up for this occasion & wooed every waiter we met!


6. NOT FAR FROM OUR HOME WAS A "BALLE-TIQUE" STORE with shiny & glittery dancing & theatre clothes in their window, which we couldn't pass up to peek in with the kids a few times! Here's Sara's account of the children's second visit to that store & the excitement they created there:
7. (FROM HER NOTE TO DAD & MARIA ON THE VISIT TO THE DANCING SHOP): "About two weeks ago, I took the three kids into the local 'balletique' shop to look at all the

"Thank you, Sue, for fixing my hair so
pretty!" Techi gets ready for "dinner
out" at a local restaurant.

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