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The Family — Found Lying in Court
compiled by WC

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The Family International

Lying Under Oath

"The Family still cannot be fully frank"


The Family International call themselves "an International Christian fellowship," and present themselves as a loose-knit group of independent missionaries. They claim to be the best examples of Christians living the truth, endowed with more truth than any other, and boast about proclaiming The Truth to the world. By contrast, their history of speaking to law enforcement agencies, the court and the media has been one of deception, misinformation, cover-ups and outright lies.
  • In a single court case in the U.K. the Lord Justice Ward found members of The Family: "lying"; "dishonest"; "economical with the truth"; "evading the truth"; trying to "rewrite the truth"; "did not tell truth"; not telling "the whole truth"; presenting a "distortion of truth"; having a "failure to face the truth" and "failure to tell the truth"; having a "habit of lying"; "not frank"; "less than frank"; "not forthcoming"; "disassembling the truth"; "disingenuous" in their attempts to shirk responsibility. s

    Court Findings on members of The Family testifying under oath:
    The judgement is replete with descriptions such as: "travesty of truth"; "half truth"; "not the whole truth"; "could not get near the truth"; "not made privy to the truth"; "doubt I heard the whole truth"; "the (actual) truth is"; "must face the truth"; "evidence was neither full nor frank"; "lack of frankness"; "less than full and frank"; "sought to deny the authenticity"; "evasive"; "very evasive"; "lies"; "clear evidence of cover up"; "frankness was probably lacking"; "The Family still cannot be fully frank"; etc.
    Court findings on The Family and its policy on Lying and using Deception

    "[The Family] regard themselves free to deceive the authorities and I have not always had the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth from The Family in the evidence they have presented to [the Court]."

    "The Family still cannot be fully frank, even with their own lawyers."

    "I am far from certain I have been given full frank information by The Family."

    "I am driven to find that The Family have not been frank with me and I am bound therefore to be suspicious that the internal records of this highly organised computerised group contain information they wish to withhold from the court."

    Court Findings on The Family denying culpability for promoting sexual abuse:

    "I am totally satisfied that there was widespread sexual abuse of young children and teenagers by adult members of The Family, and that this abuse occurred to a significantly greater extent within The Family than occurred in society outside it."

    The Family has printed publications and videos which can only be interpreted as condoning child-sexual abuse and child-adult sex, some of them recently exposed on worldwide TV. Scores of second generation members have already testified, appeared in court and on television, and sworn affidavits that they have been sexually abused. Yet Family spokespersons regularly refute these claims and deny full responsibility and accountability, ignoring the ruling of the court that:

    "Rather than suppress these horrors, they should be brought out into the open, fully and frankly acknowledged."

    "[The] Family encouraged the sexuality of children, they became [...] objects of the Law of Love when [...] by reason of their want of age and understanding they were unable to give full and free consent especially under the pressure of advances made upon them by adults. [...] a high proportion of children were exposed to [...] adult sexual activity. [...] a significant number of children, more within The Family than outside it, had masturbation and even sexual intercourse forced upon them by adults."
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