We've never claimed to be unbiased

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Posted by WC (gen coordinator) on May 11, 2010 at 06:55:15

Every once in a while, we get people claiming to be ex-members writing in, saying that our site represents a biased, bitter, twisted version of events, that we don't highlight the positive. There are usually giveaways that these emails in fact originate from current members or fresh-off-the-boat ex-members.

exFamily.org has never claimed to be unbiased. We take pride in our distinctly ex-member POV.

Does that make us bitter? I think not.

As ex-members ourselves, we know all too well about promoting the positive facade and telling only partial truths. We will not aid in the coverup of the unpleasant, ugly, or dark sides of The Family International. We will expose its criminal activity, past and present. We aim to present complete and contextual information. We will continue highlighting the things TFI continue to deny, play down and bury through their PR machine.

It should be quite understandable that ex-members are angry for having once been a part of the big lie, for being badly damaged by a harmful high-control cult. Still, exFamily.org respects the fact that we don't all have to be militant and angry all the time about our time in TFI. It can be healing to move on from anger, and not to focus only on the negative. Our experiences vary widely, and some may want to share the positive, or take a more liberal stance towards TFI. We have plenty of room for such points of view on our site, but we will however draw the line when it comes to using our facilities to claim or promote outright untruths:

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