Re: "Halt! Who goes there?"

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Posted by Farmer on September 02, 2011 at 20:46:17

In Reply to: Re: "Halt! Who goes there?" posted by Coordinator on September 02, 2011 at 17:34:06:

The issue of the SGAs/naming/abbreviation/handle we had on various boards, I know...Please suggest a PC word then...the discussions about it ran to and fro, I do remember the issue...I am not really new to the various I just use it as it got "used" & got understood, may be overused, but a better didn't come up IMO and the few who post & read here???? as "affected "SGAs" could def. say what is better (it should be short though ; ) )...just my opinion...may be in quotation marks it's better??!!...

Ok then for me if people don't introduce themselves (have to "bite my nails then")...personally I find it boardering to being rude (just comparing with other boards, though that is not the yardstick...people could always lie, but after a while, you could find out for sure)...just my very personal own was never meant as a request...rather a suggestion...a question...request is in my vocabulary something pretty strong???!...that way I never intended it to be...was I misunderstood this way???sorry. sorry the headline/ for me???

It's a bit like talking to a "thief" ... : (

May be you could explain that...thanks

All the best wishing

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