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Posted by long time exer on September 28, 2011 at 17:13:21

In Reply to: Re: What to do? posted by Abused as a child on September 28, 2011 at 05:07:34:

It sounds like your are worried about fallout for the daughter and grandchild because of a story you published. Were you a child in the Children of God/ Family of Love/ The Family when this abuse occurred? Or some other cult/high demand organization? I can understand your concerns about the daughter and the grandchild but you are not responsible for what your abuser did to you or his reaction to exposure. It wouldn't be unusual for the family to deny any published article, or for them to deny it within their family or for the daughter to be very angry at you instead of at your abuser. It is possible that she was never harmed by him, but it is also very possible that he harmed her or other children. Child molesters don't get "cured". Regardless of how their family takes this publication, I hope you keep taking care of yourself because you are not responsible for whatever the abuser does as a result of his history of molestation being exposed. As far as the daughter and grandchild go, are you friends with the daughter? If so, whatever fallout occurs from exposure may be something you'll want to get a good therapist or counselor to help you walk through. Women's centers in large metropolitan areas often have lots of resources if finances are an issue.
Writing an article will not just expose the abuser but it exposes you as well, meaning that the public who reads about it will know it involves you and even though it can be a good thing to get those feelings out, it can also cause some feelings of discomfort for you. Please take care of yourself while walking through all this!!

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