How about that Colin Powell endorsement of Obama?

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Posted by AC on October 19, 2008 at 14:57:02

I thought that was great. Powell expressed things similar to how I see them when he said that he was a friend of McCain but felt there was a transformation needed that Obama was able to offer. Those weren't his exact words, but my thinking is that Obama will be more broadly respected in European countries as a true "fresh start" rather than something that will continue along the lines of the same ole same ole, or at least be viewed that way by much of the world.
I see an enormous potential for healing with Obama as president. I believe his bi-racial upbringing will give him understanding of rejections and issues between races and he will have more understanding of cultures which will help in worldwide relations.
For anyone living outside of the USA, how does your country largely see the candidates?
One thing Obama brought up in his debates was how McCain dissed Spain probably because of their current government, but without tuning into the fact that Spain is still a NATO ally.
I meet a lot of people who are feeling more hopeful about Obama although our current economic situation will not make the Presidency an easy challenge for either candidate.
I also watched a video on how a 106 year old nun in Rome who had not voted since 1952, felt compelled to vote this year for Obama. I was wondering if she was influenced by Italian society and the views of Europeans in general. Any Europeans or transplants want to comment?

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