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-How Old Were Adam & Eve When They Got Married?
-And God said: BE FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY! Gen.1:28
Youth in the Garden of Eden!

CHILD BRIDES!—By Father David DO 902 4 April 1977 1. I THINK THE TEENAGE YEARS WERE WHEN I NEEDED SEX THE MOST! Isn't it ridiculous though, that it's just at the age when you need sex the most that it's the most forbidden? You can get away with masturbation somewhat when you're younger, but to have sex together with the opposite sex at the age of puberty & throughout your teens when you need it the most is virtually either forbidden or made impossible!
2. NOW WHY DID GOD MAKE YOU NEED SEX SO MUCH AT THOSE AGES UNLESS IT WAS HIS WILL? You're the strongest & you've got more sex drive during your teens than almost any other age. I've said before that I think the Lord must have been in favour of marriage at about 12 or 13 because you're first able to have children at that age.
3. AT THAT AGE YOU'RE ALMOST THE HOST IDEALISTIC OF ALL. I think I was the most puritanical & idealistic with the highest ideals & the noblest aspirations & the most pure at that age of any age. I abstained from girls all those years, although I'd either have wet dreams or jack off much of the time.
4. BY THE TIME I GOT IN MY TWENTIES I FINALLY FELL FROM GRACE &amd; absolutely had to have a woman! (Maria: And it's one of your greatest regrets that you didn't fall sooner--&amd; fall harder!) Well, I sure would have if I'd had a chance! I remember I did a lot of kissing & I always got hard. I'm sure they could feel it.
5. I THINK A LOT OF IT WAS LACK OF FAITH, lack of courage, & of course most of it was inhibition.--Inculcated indoctrinated hardline training inhibition, that it was wrong & that I shouldn't do it--how sad! I hope all of our young kids have plenty of sex. I hope they won't have all those frustrations, inhibitions, phobias, neuroses & whatnot from sex deprivation demanded by the System!
6. IT'S A PERFECTLY NORMAL APPETITE like any other appetite. It needs satisfaction just like any other, & you really really really get frustrated if you can't have it. You can get such guilt complexes, too, for having any. But why did the Lord make you able to have children at the age of 11, 12 & 13 if you weren't supposed to have sex then?
7. I WASN'T ABLE TO HAVE THE REVOLUTION WITH MY CHILDREN UNTIL I WAS NEARLY 50 because they weren't grown enough yet to help me. We could have had it ten years earlier if I had gotten married ten years sooner at 15! I would have been a whole lot younger & stronger & we would have started turning the world inside-out much sooner!
8. AT 15 I WAS NEARLY FULL GROWN, & I WAS SURE WANTING GIRLS. I'll tell you! I was so idealistic & romantic at that age, my oh my! I wanted somebody really impossible, the romantic ideal, an angel! I would gladly have fucked almost anybody, but when it came to thinking about marriage or a wife I was really extremely idealistic. I would have had to have somebody that I nearly worshipped!
9. I REALLY DON'T THINK I EVER FOUND ANY GIRL THAT I THOUGHT I COULD HAVE STOOD TO LIVE WITH AT THAT AGE. But I sure would have liked to fuck a few! I would have fucked almost any of them. But when it came to marriage or living with somebody, that had to be the dream girl, the ideal, perfection--which is really just an imagination, because you never find anybody like that. In fact, if you did they probably wouldn't make a good wife anyhow. So, thank God for you, Sweetheart!
10. YOU'RE ABOUT THE CLOSEST TO IT I EVER FOUND, A GOOD ALL-ROUND WOMAN!--Good for my work 8 good for my companionship, good for my sex life, & good for everyday living! That's a very important point, you know? You can cook & keep house if you have to. You can have children & take care of them if you have to. You can do 'most anything, Honey--you're good for me! And you really really are good at sex,& that you really do have to do a lot!
11. I WAS JUST TRYING TO IMAGINE, WHAT IF I HAD GOTTEN MARRIED AT 15? Which is not too totally outrageous--a lot of kids do get married at 15. I would have had my family ten years younger. Instead of starting the Revolution at 50, I would have been 40. And man, did I have a lot of sex drive at 40! Whew! I was out on the road chasing women most of the time! And instead of doing that, I would have found you by that time. I'm not blaming it on God, I'm saying it's the fault of the mores of the System.
12. IF I HAD MY WAY. I'D HAVE GOTTEN MARRIED AT 15 OR YOUNGER! I remember I began having semen at 12, & that's when most girls also start menstruating. They say, "Well, that's too young to have children." Why? I was travelling with my mother & living with her for another 13 years before I was married anyhow, & she had to help take care of the kids & support us because we were in the same work together. What would have been the difference?
13. WE WOULD HAVE HAD THE KIDS TEN YEARS YOUNGER & their help in our evangelistic work, because they were a tremendous help later. They were a big attraction, the little kids witnessing & everything. If it would have happened ten years earlier I think we'd have done a whole lot better job all the way around. I would have had their help sooner & learned & done more sooner.
14. (MARIA: SOME WESTERN SOCIETIES ARE SO MESSED UP THAT THEIR YOUNG TEENS ARE STILL BABIES & couldn't handle early marriage.) That's true. It's the fault of the System because they haven't trained their children. Look at these little young teenage waiters, cooks & workers they've got in the European societies: They can do any job! They hold jobs that they only allow men to do in the U.S.A.! The girls keep house & work hard & get married pretty young & have babies too!
15. I THINK I'D PIN IT DOWN TO THE SELFISHNESS OF THE SYSTEM THAT THE PARENTS HAVE CREATED because of their own selfishness. They want to keep their children little kids all their lives. If the kids didn't insist & get up & run away from home,they might never let'm get married probably. They almost have to become independent, got their own job & leave home in order to get married. Then usually they don't marry anybody that suits their parents anyhow. It's very seldom that they really agree.
16. MY MOTHER NEVER THOUGHT ANYBODY WAS GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME, no matter who! She finally consented to my getting married to one girl, Laura Lee, mostly because she was such a good pianist & so spiritual & would have been a real good member of the team, but her father wouldn't consent to it. She was 15 then.
17. AT THE AGE OF 19 I NEARLY MARRIED THREE DIFFERENT GIRLS, one right after the other. Dolores & Marian could both play the piano & the squeeze box, accordian, but Mother didn't think they were good enough for stage performance. Well, they could have learned just like Eve did! But now why is it parents don't want their children to marry at early ages?
18. NUMBER 1, THEY DON'T WANT TO HAVE TO HELP TAKE CARE OF THE GRANDCHILDREN! If they let teenagers get married, they're going to still be taking care of them, because they're not trained enough & experienced enough like they are in other cultures where they get married at that age. But in the extremely highly civilised rich Western cultures, they're not allowed to get married until ten years later than they do in the East like India & the Orient where they often get married very young.
19. IN INDIA THEY OFTEN HAD CHILD BRIDES AT SEVEN YEARS OF AGE! They can get married at that age! Then they could do all the fucking they want without having to worry about any kids until they are 12 years old! (Maria: And by that time they'll for sure be ready for some!) They teach & train young girls to be mature & have jobs & do housework & cook & clean 8 care for children. 20. THE VERY RICH SO-CALLED HIGHLY CIVIL-ISED & HIGHLY EDUCATED WESTERN CULTURE IS ALL SELFISHNESS! They want to keep their children. They know if the children have children of their own, they're going to soon want to leave home & have their own home,& they don't want them to do that. They want to keep them at home, but they're too selfish to have their grandchildren & have to support them 8 help take care of them!
21. WE'RE GETTING YOUNG TEENAGERS IN THE FAMILY RIGHT NOW WHO ARE OLD ENOUGH TO GET MARRIED & HAVE CHILDREN AT 13, 14 & 15! What are we going to do with these kids? Are we going to prohibit them & inhibit them just the way the System does,& refuse to let them have sex & get married or have anything to do with each other, as I have already heard of in several cases? Why? Why? The kids need it, they want it & they could enjoy it.—Why can't they have it, huh?
22. "OH, SHE MIGHT GET PREGNANT!" SO WHAT? She gets pregnant, she has a baby! She's young enough, strong enough & smart enough to be trained to take care of children at that age, & it would get them serious & sobered down to what life is all about at a nice early age! That's another thing, I've heard parents say, "Oh my God, I don't want you to have to be burdened with these problems of life at such a young age!"
23. THAT'S JUST THE AGE WHEN THEY CAN TAKE IT, when they really need it, & they need to start getting trained. Instead of that, they let them just play around hanky-panky like a bunch of little immature kids for another ten years before they even begin to learn what life is all about! By then some of'm have wrecked their lives & a lot of other lives 8 made a mess out of everything!
24. IF KIDS WERE ALLOWED TO GET MARRIED AS SOON AS GOD MADE THEM PHYSICALLY ABLE to get married & have children, they would be so busy working so hard taking care of kids, house & mate they wouldn't have time to even think about crime or all the other hanky-panky they get into!
25. OF COURSE THEY WOULDN'T HAVE TIME FOR A BIG EDUCATION EITHER. BUT WHO THE HELL NEEDS IT! See, that's another reason why they don't let them get married: "Oh, you haven't finished your education yet! It's so sad! You're just going to have to take some menial job, some dumb thing & you can't make a huge salary like you could in some big highly technical job!" All of that is not of God anyhow!-Technology is destroying the Earth!
26. WHAT KIND OF A CULTURE DID GOD CREATE TO BEGIN WITH?--A simple little agricultural culture that any young teenage kid could learn from his father. Young boys start helping their fathers on farms as soon as they're able to get around on their own two feet. By the time they're a young teenager they know the ropes of the whole farm. That's why out in Texas they had to give a big graduation at the 8th grade, because most of the kids were going to get married right away.
27. MOST OF THE FARM KIDS IN 8TH GRADE WERE 14 OR 15. AND THEY WERE GOING TO GET MARRIED & start having kids of their own & stay right on the farm. But that's looked down on today, that's frowned on. That's even ridiculed & scorned as something very dumb & stupid!--"Those dumb country hicks that get married early & stay out there on the farm where they're so dumb & don't know anything!" The fact of the matter is, the city people don't realise how much they have to know to run a farm! It's one of the most scientific jobs there is & takes a lifetime to learn!
28. BUT THE SO-CALLED HIGHLY CIVILISED CULTURE OF THE WEST WON'T LET THEM GET MARRIED at that age. They prohibit them from marrying or inhibit them or make it as difficult for them as possible to get married at the age of 14 or 15, because they want to keep, them at home without having to be bothered with babies.
29. THEY JUST WANT THEIR OWN LITTLE BABY & KEEP IT A BABY as long as they can in the house, until it becomes an absolute monster that they can't control, they don't know what to do with,& breaks their heart & takes drugs & runs off & has a child anyhow, & then they have an abortion! They kill the baby because the parents don't want to help take care of it or teach their children how! How horrible! It's the absolute selfishness of the so-called highly civilised Western culture! Cruelly killing babies!
30. THEY DON'T WANT THEIR KIDS TO GROW UP, number one. They don't want them to have babies they're going to have to take care of, & they don't want them just to have an ordinary menial job of some kind that they haven't got to have a big long long education for. 31. IF THEY WANT TO HAVE A LOT OF EDUCATION, THEY SHOULD FIGURE OUT SOME WAY SO the kids could be married & have children & some relative or the grandparents take care of them. By that time the grandparents are old enough to take cave of them & have got enough money to take care of them, & can let the kids go ahead & get their education. It's all selfishness, it's just selfishness!
32. (MARIA: STRENGTH IS A REAL IMPORTANT POINT,because when they're younger they have a lot more strength to take care of a child that has so much energy & is active every minute of the day.) Goodness gracious yes! Even at Alfred & Sara's age they're much stronger than we, are & can be so active & play with Davidito & everything. He's so full of energy!
33. 15-YEAR-OLD TEENAGERS ARE REALLY STRONG & FULL OF ENERGY & CAN HANDLE IT. It wouldn't get so much on their nerves. They're kids themselves & they could play with them & enjoy it! They know enough to teach that child the simple things of life, growing up.
34. BY THAT AGE THEY OUGHT TO BE SMART ENOUGH TO TEACH THEM. They say, "But they're too young to train the children!" Why?--Why are they too young to train them? If they've been trained properly themselves at home & been trusted with responsibility & taught to work, they're not too young to take care of them. (Maria: They're actually closer at that age to their training, their beginning training, & it's easier to teach a child.) It's easier for them to remember how it was when they were a kid because they're still kids themselves!
35. I BELIEVE GOD'S SYSTEM IS THE BEST! He made kids able to get married 8 have children at 12, 13 & 14, & if you ask me, He must have known that was the best age, because then they could kind of grow up with their own kids.
36. SOME OF THE BEST RELATIONSHIPS OF PARENTS WITH CHILDREN THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN HERE VERY YOUNG PARENTS where they're almost like big brothers & sisters. I remember several cases where a real young girl got married & had a child at 14 or 15. By the time the child was 14 or 15 the mother was still young & pretty in her youth, 30 years of age, and she could much better understand the kid & his desire for fun & sex & wanting to get married too, because she did. They were healthy, happy & all of them were nice & young. The young parents I've seen have been the happiest. My sister married at 14 & my daughters at 15 & 16!
37. IT'S JUST THE LAZINESS & SELFISHNESS that parents don't want their child to be burdened with a family so young.--That's right exactly when they need to be burdened with a family to keep them out of trouble & mischief! Idleness is the Devil's workshop! That's just what they need: A mate to keep them busy sexually & kids to keep them busy working!
38. THEY GET A HEADSTART ON LIFE THAT WAY, By the time their kids are old enough to have children, the grandparents are only about 30 years of age & they can be much more help with the grandchildren because they're still young & can take it.
39. GRANDPARENTS CAN TEACH THEIR CHILDREN HOW TO TAKE CARE OF BABIES, because their children could live with them in the home. They probably won't have a job or be out working. They'll still probably be either working for Mom & Dad or relatives.--Or if they're in a tribal life like ours, there's oodles of work for 15-year-old parents to do --mostly take care of kids!--Oodles of work!
40. DO YOU KNOW THAT BY THE TIME DAVIDITO CAME ALONG, MOTHER EVE HAD FORGOTTEN ALL ABOUT WHAT BABIES NEED & how to take care of babies! It had been so long she couldn't even remember, isn't that something? (Maria: In just a few years you forget.) I couldn't believe it! — It'd been 25 years.
41. SHE WAS SUCH A GOOD LITTLE MOTHER & took such good care of the kids. But when we needed her to help us to know what to do with Davidito, she couldn't even remember! This long waiting period is ridiculous!
42. YOU CAN BE A GRANDPARENT AT 30 years of age & still be young & strong enough & smart enough! You still remember & can teach your kids how to take care of their kids--& help them. You have to show them how to do it, you have to teach them by showing. You could still be living together & could take care of them together.
43. THE GRANDPARENTS' HELP RELIEVES THE PARENTS of having too heavy a responsibility & too much of a burden. (Maria: And the grandparents are young enough to still be strong too.)--To be able to take it & enjoy it. But you know what it is? It's because of the mores of the culture that say that the two young parents have now got to live independently from the grandparents. They've got to have a little selfish private home of their own now. But it doesn't work well, because they need the grandparents there all the time to help take care of them.
44. I AM ALL FOR YOUNG FAMILIES, young parents. I think they wait too long to get married. I think it's selfishness that they don't. It's selfishness either on the part of the parents who don't want to take care of the new young family, or the new young family doesn't want to have children themselves yet.
45. THEY DON'T WANT TO BE BOTHERED WITH ALL THE HARD WORK of taking care of children. But that's just when they need it. That's when they can take it & are young enough & strong enough to take it, & young enough to learn. God knows what He's doing, God knows what's best. He made people able to have children when they ought to start having children, as young teenagers!
46. THEY SAY MARY HAS ONLY 16 WHEN SHE HAD JESUS! Most of the women got married at an early age then. I think they must use the example of the patriarchs before the Flood to try to keep their kids from getting married, but my Lord, they lived to be a thousand years of age then! So if you didn't get married till you were 40, well, you were still a child!
47. THE PARENTS COULD BE GRANDPARENTS BY THE TIME THEY'RE 30 & then when the kids are old enough to shove off, if they want to live separately, the grandparents are still young & free & still in their 40's. Even if they have their kids living with them for the next 10 years, from the time the grandparents are 30 till they're 40, & they take care of them till they're 25, the kids are at least able by then to take care of themselves & their own children & their own little family.
48. BY THE TIME THE PARENTS ARE 40, THEY'RE FREE TO REALLY DO THEIR LIFE'S WORK They've gotten their family out of the way, their kids & grandkids well on the way, & they're free to really do their life's work. They've really learned a lot about life. Look what an education they'd have by the time they're 40!--They've really learned about life!
49. I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT LIFE WAS ALL ABOUT UNTIL I WAS 50 BECAUSE MY KIDS HADN'T GROWN UP & had any children of their own yet. It's true, they delay the whole thing! It's a God-damned stupid delaying of life, deliberately trying to slow it down so they won't get old too soon or too smart too soon. It really is! Instead of growing up, they play around with games & education & foolishness for the next 10 years before they finally either have, to get married or insist on getting married.
50. I THINK THE IDEA OF GETTING MARRIED &, HAVING CHILDREN BY THE TIME YOU'RE 15 IS GREAT!--Really great! Then you could really go to work at an early age. I've actually heard women say, "Oh, my dear, you don't want to spoil your youth, do you, by being burdened with a child at such an early age?" But when could she better be burdened with a child than at an early age, & why should that spoil her youth? (Maria: They're looking for some purpose in life, & that's the greatest purpose you can have!)--Amen!
51. HAVING CHILDREN IS BELITTLED, IT'S ALMOST BECOME A REPROACH to have children in today's world! It's not civilised to have children! It's the civilised countries that are murdering their babies & discovering means of keeping girls from getting pregnant! It's all selfishness! It's all defiance of God's own plan & God's own system, God's way & God's methods! It's in defiance of nature! It's contrary to natural sexual desires!
52. BOY, THAT'S WHEN I NEEDED TO GET MARRIED THE MOST! I needed a wife then! The girls are absolutely gorgeous, they're at the most beautiful bloom at that age, & the boys are the strongest & the sexiest! That's when they need to get married!--Then they could have all the sex they want!--Have it legally, lawfully & permitted by the parents & society. Otherwise the System doesn't approve of it.
53. EVEN IF SEX WAS WITH CONSENT OF THE GIRL. THEY'LL ACCUSE THE BOY OF RAPE FOR A GIRL UNDER 21 & put him in jail, in both the United States & England! Think of it! Even if the girl wants to marry the boy, the parent can charge the boy with rape & put him in prison to make sure she doesn't. Think of it! It happens all the time!
54."AH, YOU VIOLATED MY DEAR SWEET PURE YOUNG INNOCENT GIRL!"--who'd probably been having a lot of sex with a lot of boys already! She just happened to get pregnant with him, or she thinks it was him. How would she know? Then the parent just goes wild & takes him to court & accuses him of rape & puts him in jail for several years!--Just because the daughter wanted him to fuck her! It's all selfishness, pure selfishness on the part of the older generation!
55. IT'S NOT THE KIDS—THE KIDS WANT TO GET MARRIED. Man, I wanted a girl in the worst way, or the best way, when I was that young! But goodness gracious, everybody was horrified to even think about my getting married!
56. MY SISTER RAN AWAY & GOT MARRIED AT 14, & she had five beautiful children! My father & mother were so hard on her & so horribly puritanical & Victorian about her. They never forgave her for running away & getting married at that age. She wanted to get married, she begged to get married, but they wouldn't let her, so she just ran away & got married, & she never forgave them for that prohibition.
57. IT WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH BETTER IF they'd have taken The boy into the home in the first place, like they finally had to anyhow. Mother hired him & made him her chauffeur. If they'd have done that & put it all on a good relationship & in goodwill to begin with instead of finally having to be forced to do it (& my sister knew they were forced to do it, so that didn't cheer her up any!), it would have been so much better!
58. IT'S THE OLDER GENERATION THAT ALWAYS OBJECTS & makes such a fuss about it when the kids want to get married young. Why shouldn't they have children at a young age? It's the age when God made them able, to have them & best able to bear them & best able to take care of them with the parents' help & not alone. But that's what the older generation doesn't want: They don't want to have to help! (Maria: They finally got their family out of the way.) So what happens in the long run?
59. THE POOR KIDS FINALLY GET MARRIED ANYWAY, still too young & too dumb to know how to take care of their children, & they shove them off in a house all by themselves somewhere where they can't get advice or be taught how. They don't know what to do & don't know how to take care of them, & have to rear them on their own with little or no help! That's about the way I remember it.
60. WHAT BETTER AGE TO GET MARRIED & HAVE CHILDREN than when you're still living with your parents & they're still young enough to help you & teach & train you how to raise them?--For by the time you're 30 you're a grandparent & you really know something about life & children & family & kids & keeping house & cooking & all the rest because you've really been at it. Goodness! Then by the time you're 45 you're ready to be a great-grandparent, you're a patriarch! Hell, look at me now, if I live long enough to see one of my great grandchildren I'll be doing well!—Li'l Joy'd hafta do it soon!
61. IT IS SUCH A MESS, that Goddamned so-called civilised rich Western culture that prohibits their kids from getting married at a decent early age! They call it an in.-decent age to get married. It's a terrible disgrace to have your daughter get pregnant when she's 13 or 14!--Even to get married at 16 or 17 is a disgrace in the upper classes!
62. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK OUR KIDS MIGHT FEEL A LITTLE FUNNY about what people would think?) Yes, but Honey, we're revolutionary! Why worry about what people will think? We live in a different style of life in defiance of the System, so why shouldn't we do it on that score too? If the System won't permit us to let them actually legally get married at that age, why not just let them live together & have children anyhow?--So what? --They'd probably accuse us of contributing to the delinquency of minors or corrupting minors!-That's the God-defying System! GHU!

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