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Berg on Time Magazine

Posted by Historian on July 19, 2005 at 18:53:42

In Reply to: Re: seeking information about 1976 murder posted by Jo on July 19, 2005 at 15:28:32:

"MORE TRUTH!"--MO August 23, 1977 GP No.598

4. MOST OF THESE PERIODICALS HAVE BEEN AT LEAST FAIR AND FACTUAL IF NOT EVEN FAVOURABLE in their description of our Gospel and our way of life, such as a full page in Time magazine under "Religion" (page 15 of the August 22nd issue) well-edited by the Religion Editor of Time, Sara Medina.

5. TIME AND OTHERS HAVE AT LEAST BEEN FAIR AND FACTUAL and given us a chance to tell our side of the story, thank God and these serious periodicals who are not just trying to sell papers with lurid sensationalism and lies!

6. BUT I AM SORRY TO SAY THAT A FEW WERE REALLY PRETTY BAD, such as Quick and Stern magazines of Germany and De Telegraaf newspaper of Amsterdam, Interviu of Madrid and some in Italy and so on.

"HOW TO TAKE IT!"--MO August 23, 1977 DFO NO.597
35. TIME MAGAZINE WAS HISTORICAL WHEN IT SAID THAT WE HAD ADDED TO THE PLAYBOY PHILOSOPHY "THE ANCIENT PRACTICE OF RELIGIOUS PROSTITUTION." Well, if you want to be real honest about it, that's what they think it amounts to. So don't be afraid to be called a "whore"--or, as they've yelled at our girls in Spain, "Puta!" I wrote a whole Letter about "God's Whores?" For God's sake, let's be honest!

"LATE NEWS!"--MO August 8, 1977 DFO NO.596
"128. BUT THANK GOD, ALL OF THIS HUBBUB RESULTED IN EVEN TIME MAGAZINE finally recognising that we were international news, worthy of a page in their periodical, and important enough to put us right after the world news and even before the U.S. news on page 15 of Time of August 22nd! Whereas usually the religion page is buried somewhere in the back with the theatres and the books and all that junk! So we're still news, hallelujah!

129. WHEN ALL THE GOOD NEWS IS OVER and all the lush gushing articles about us have kind of petered out, God has to arouse the public's interest in us somehow. So He raises up some bad news and controversy to make us news again, so that along with the bad news He can put in a whole lot more good news!

130. THE RESULT HAS BEEN SEVERAL TIMES AS MANY PAGES OF GOOD NEWS AND REBUTTALS and testimonials and praises even by the reporters, several times as many as our attackers rated, and even a page in the international news magazine, the world's greatest, Time!

131. TIME WAS VERY FAIR AND FACTUAL TO SAY THE LEAST, and almost in our defense. I would consider it a fairly favourable article really presenting our side very fairly, favourably and factually, thank God! Thank God there are some nice fair, honest Jews in the world too, like us and some of the news media, praise God!"

OUR REPORT TO "TIME"--On the False and Forged "Goodbye" Leaflet August 2, 1977 GP NO.593