They are based on fact and observation, lte

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Posted by on July 24, 2011 at 18:44:37

In Reply to: Re: Those are your opinions posted by long time exer on July 19, 2011 at 19:46:49:


Please, cite your so-called science (actually, I already know you cannot).

Ad hominem attacks are not a scientific argument, lte. Who do you think you're dealing with? I am neither ignorant nor uneducated in the field, as you evidently are, from what you wrote; apparently.

And I have great compassion for those ensnared in homosexuality, as well as all other perversions. Your insisting it's "normal" will never make it so; however.

Different things frighten different people. Your response makes your alleged "fear" less believable, and more suspicious as tactic, not an intelligent response.

Likening my post to the Ayatollah Khomeini's ridiculous religious rants is likewise ignorant in the extreme, IMO, and a rather silly an supercilious tactic, with no actual power in favor of your position. You made no logical connection with any content--you're merely "spouting".

There is no legitimate "freedom" to shout "Fire!" in a crowded theater, under a freedom of speech law.

Just so, laws generally have intelligent limits. For instance, we are obviously NOT always "free" to do whatever we want under all conditions, especially either under God's law or man's law--not everything, say, Pol Pot, did was a "right", although his mass murders were "lawful" in Cambodia at the time--and I do NOT mean the ridiculous tenets of Sharia law; either--rather stupid laws, most agree--even most moderate muslims.

Do you always jump to the ridiculous to try and make a point which is obviously illogical, baseless, and silly, as if that would add strength to your position?

I expected better of you, lte--you disappoint me; truly.

I wrote of a party my ex-wife and I actually went to and observed--it is NOT theory/hypothesis--it was actively and unambiguously observed, as well as discussed openly with both the adult homosexuals, as well as the victimized minors.

Blah, blah, blah, yourself!

Perversion is perversion, whether you reclassify it for yourself OR others. Scientifically, what is normal and according to design is the sexual union of one man and one woman alone which produces children, not some imagined "right" to "insert penis anywhere it will possibly fit".

That's patently absurd, and could not possibly be a "right" in the supposed name of "freedom".

And you claim to be standing for SCIENCE?!


You are actually alleging that (according to standard "gay bar BS", of course) that there are NO instances of ANY homosexuality associated with either pedophilia, rape, or incest? What rock do YOU live under?

Check the stats again---there IS a comparison, and direct correlation between ALL of the perversions you mentioned, without a doubt; despite anything gay activists claim. Again--cite your supposed "science".

Only PC MYTH asserts otherwise.

Ever worked in a psych hospital? I have, and cases EXACTLY like that come in all the time; and they cause extreme psychological trauma in little boys (and, yes, adult lesbians are also known to commit atrocities on little girls, with dildoes and other violent and atrocious instruments), and it IS the result of a homosexual attack on children. Such sex is hardly love; it's criminal assault, and it's always VIOLENT. And, again, it is HOMOSEXUAL.

Ever hear of anal tears? That's a product of male penile-anal penetration, and it DOES happen to little boys. And, little girls have their labia terribly bruised, in similar assaults with specifically designed sexual devices, or even whatever's handy, when the lust strikes. Wake up.

It's merely the robotically liberal media which refuses to report such incidents. Don't be so willfully ignorant, lte.

I merely walked across a very obvious logical road based on REAL science and observation. No "leap" involved, much less a "Grand Canyon".

Pro-gay PC BS may be on your side. Scientific observation, with its unavoidable conclusions, however, is not.

Does homosexuality exist among consenting adults, absent of pedophilia, rape, or incest? Of course it does--I never alleged that it doesn't. You just jumped to a ridiculous conclusion, all on your own, to make your baseless point.

How big a jump?

Oh---about the size of the Grand Canyon; I'd say. :-P.


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