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    • alcohol and other isms: Regarding AA?NA there are many things that are disturbing to me: 1) It states that is is not a relig...
      - humanist, Jul 01, '15 13:33 on GenX
    • Re: If You Are a Praying Person: I agree that people believe what they need to believe. I need to believe in a power greater than mys...
      - Traveller, Jun 06, '15 19:33 on Journeys
    • OK, this is what I think: First, I do think that apocalyptic christian cults led by people like Koresh, Manson, Berg, Jeffs, J...
      - Student, Jun 20, '15 13:51 on Soap Box
    • Re: You can contact me: My wife suffered from this. She still is as there is an underground criminal network targeting her s...
      - , Jun , '15 : on Academic
    • Re: Looking for Paul: left nj september 1975 with sister sarah brother Gabriel and another Brother all in robes! sold all ...
      - , Jun , '15 : on CQ
  • There is a world of difference
    Summary by a UN aid worker on the differences between legitimate aid organizations and The Family International's FCF work

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