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The Children of God cult

They use a variety of pseudonyms and disguises to deceive...

Welcome to exFamily.org

Your source of truthful information about The Family

  • Is The Family really a loose-knit "Fellowship of Independant Christian Missionaries" like they claim, or is it closer to a high-control secretive religious sect?
  • Is it really true The Family has never been found guilty in a court of law?
  • Why did The Children of God fake a disbanding and resurface as The Family of Love?
  • Are members of The Family Cult truthful and up-front and do they tell you the whole story?
  • At what point could what they do be considered scamming?

No white-washing:

Unlike the spin on the official homepage of The Family, our mission is to bring you honest, truthful, accurate, complete and contextual information about The Family cult—also known as The Children of God, The Family International, The Family of Love, The Family and various pseudonyms; which now operates internationally as a collection of charitable organizations under the umbrella of the FCF (Family Care Foundation).
More Than Meets The Eye! Charity fraud alert!

Thinking of donating to the Family Care Foundation? According to a UN aid worker there is a world of difference between vetted aid organizations and The Family International's FCF operations.
Would you?

  • trust "missionaries" with a policy of lying & deception, who have been found lying under oath about their beliefs and secret practices?
  • donate to "non-profit" "charities" which use most of your money for their own living expenses?
  • allow your tax dollars to benefit producers of anti-Semitic hate literature?
  • support volunteer organizations with a history of sexual abuse of minors claiming to "help youth & children?"
  • follow the teachings of an alcoholic prophet who led his sect members into sacred prostitution and "continues to speak from the dead?"
  • shelter The Family's current day leaders living in hiding, who promoted incest and institutionalized child abuse?
Demand full disclosure and accountability: Know Your Rights as a Donor »

What does The Family really believe?

There is a obviously lot more to the story than their PR spin. We tell you what they won't tell you about themselves. Our information is provided by insiders, primary sources, eye-witnesses, investigators and experts. Research and discussion is facilitated by uncensored versions of documents produced by the group, related articles, and firsthand witness testimonies.

We own this information and know it intimately because we are a part of its history.


our site mission:

Religious Tolerance:

We believe in freedom of speech and religion, and in helping to keep The Family's activities transparent, honest & under scrutiny—their own track record of truthfulness has not been the best.

Resources for ex-members:

Those who seek recovery or departure from the group can access a pool of comprehensive information, helpful articles, resources, and connect with real-life aid and support. Some may choose to process their thoughts in an environment conducive to free expression and debate—our chat boards—and to arrive at new conclusions through learning from each other. Perhaps some will make sense of their lives through documenting their part of their experience with this group. Hopefully, they will feel empowered, feel a sense of ownership for their contribution, find closure, and move on with their lives.

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