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Posted by Farmer on December 13, 2011 at 21:42:43

In Reply to: Re: Speaking of 1984 posted by long time exer on December 13, 2011 at 18:56:00:

IMO Stockholm syndrome...or sympathy with the abusers doesn't apply much or nothing at all for the FGAs...because we were least me...whether or not we would like to join...and I remember TFI not taking some, who wanted to join...that there was deception...lies and what not..criminal offenses is sure as anything...However it begs the question...whether the deceivers were so smart to know, that they deceived even the "good ones" their own...for they usually deceived notoriously the "bad system" take is the deceivers hadn't yet learned about their own deception...otherwise the fog which s on their heart and brain would have lifted and they would have sincerely apologised and changed their ways.

However my own progress lies within taking responsibility and admitting of having sinned and
being bad myself...

I recently read an interesting interview of Spiegel-magazine with US-brain-scientist Michael Gazzaniga....Norwegian assassin A.B.Breivik is still responsible for his action in his opinion (although being declared as not accountable in Norwegian court, because of whatever psychological disorder)...because he broke the rules and the social "treaty" which is common for all societies for interaction...for which there can't be any exception...if you want you can read his books how one part of the brain apparently functions as an interpretor of facts and probably resulting into some fiction...according to him free will is an illusion...which I once also fancied as an idea after (corresponding with some sort of predestination) reading many reports of brain-researchers after the Libet pendulum swung back to free will for now.

All in all we were responsible and personally I don't like the threads being filled with too much of this poor me-stuff of the FGAs ..bit hard...but that is my take...I wasn't just a victim...but rather culprit...old enough to think about it...

and by the way...I didn't have to do too many "mean" the sense of chores which many people in the third world would only laugh about

And for some reason I was never really talked down upon...much time being reprimanded by some bigger leader for not "ending my faithtrip" in faith for a lift to the refuge farm in booney area---and it was winter and we were cold and asked the home shepherd if he could pick us up...If I think about it...I can laugh about it...some thirty years ago

If you wish...we could blame our older generation for preparing us not better for deception...but my parents generation were deceived by Hitler & Co. and those guys got deceived by...well, I read a very interesting book about that now...all the best to you all...

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