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Donating to the Family Care Foundation (FCF)

Where does your money really go?

By law, using false, misleading or incomplete information to obtain financial support constitutes fraud

Demand full disclosure and accountability: know Your Rights as a Donor

The Family Care Foundation (FCF) — Is It an Upfront Organization?

There is much more than meets the eye when it comes to the Family Care Foundation: A California-based "public benefit" corporation (EIN 33- 0734917), the Family Care Foundation (FCF) was created and is run by members of The Family International to further its goals and secret agenda. The Family Care Foundation is not endorsed by the US National BBB (Better Business Bureau) due to failure to meet requirements for transparency and accountability — standards readily achieved by all reputable charitable organizations. The Family Care Foundation exists to attract tax-exempt charitable donations for financing ventures run by the secretive Family International sect. Its members now operate a series of charity fronts around the world, presenting themselves as Non-Governmental Organization (NGOs) workers or a loose-knit fraternity such as The International Fellowship of "Independant" Christian Missionaries. As a rule, representatives of these charity fronts do not divulge that they are in fact members of The Family International for fear of being linked to their notorious past/present. They seek out donors who are unaware of their true affiliations, and solicit donations, often through their umbrella organization the FCF. The FCF in turn funnels back the funds to members of The Family International, while writing them off as external costs in order to benefit from tax exemptions. Such creative bookkeeping is considered abuse of privileged charity status by watchdog organizations. And what donors may be financing unawares by giving through the FCF should be a cause for their concern.

More Than Meets The Eye! Charity fraud alert!

Would you?

By giving to the Family Care Foundation, Activated Ministries* or Aurora Productions* you could be doing all of the above.

*see our Index of Pseudonyms used by The Family International ?

What you should know donating to the FCF

Some good questions to ask:

1) Are they telling you the whole story?

We urge you to find the answers for yourselves: What genuine relief work do they do or support? Scrutinize the replies you may get from members of The Family International, for they believe in using deception as a matter of policy — members of The Family have been found lying under oath. Are their glowing reports based on bloated statistical data? Are their publications with pictures of smiling children in orphanages really proof of their success, or are they visiting them once a month to pose for photo-op shots?

see The Family's Policy on lying and Deception ?

2) What are their financial obligations?

As a donor, you have a right to full disclosure regarding a charity's financial obligations (including its members). If a so-called "missionary" is a tithing member of The Family International, anywhere between 10% to 14% of his/her yearly income will go to The Family's leadership. That money is then used for the promotion of highly controversial doctrines you may not be aware of (ranging from "sex with Jesus" to anti-semitism). That money will also continue to support leaders who live in hiding to avoid criminal prosecution.
Pertinent Questions:

3) Where does your money really go?

Did you know that a top leader of The Family International recently made a real estate purchase of almost $1mil.? As a donor (or member of the concerned public), you have a right to know how a mission or charity is spending your money. A bona fide charity should be willing to show you their books and accounts. Although every charity has legitimate running costs, you should know how much of your money is actually being spent on people they claim to help, or if it is mainly being used to support people who wish to live a vagrant "missionary" lifestyle — are they really giving something to society, or are they living off your hard-earned money and offering nothing genuinely productive in return but a few photos of smiling people?

Pertinent Questions:

See How Family-run NGOs and Charities Really Work ?

4) Is the FCF (Family Care Foundation) and the notorious Family Cult really one and the same?

The FCF is inextricably linked to The Family International, and was created under orders from its leaders, primarily to launder funds within the group. Members of The Family International were allowed to send a donation to the FCF in lieu of tithing to World Services (WS), the administrative arm of cult. Its creative bookkeeping—funneling funds back and forth internally while writing them off as costs or the sponsorship of external programs—is considered by many to constitute abuse of its tax-exempt status.

Pertinent Questions:

5) Why the name game?

Members of The Family International have admitted[1] to operating under deep cover in order to infiltrate countries normally closed to its proselytization activities, by masquerading as charity and/or NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) workers. Legal firewalls between the foundation and The Family have so far blunted potential lawsuits and criminal charges against The Family International. Although the FCF claims to technically stand as a separate entity from The Family/The Family International, it was founded by top leaders of The Family (International) to advance their goals and interests, and almost exclusively promotes The Family's products and assists The Family's members.

See Family Care Foundation & The Family / Children of God - Exploring the Connections ?

The FCF was granted 501(c)(3) non-profit status by the IRS, because information was supressed in the application process regarding the board's external loyalties and affiliations (true agenda) with The Family International. The US National BBB.org's Standards for Charity Accountabiliy, recommends that all charitable organizations provide up-front documentation on these basics:

See "More Than Meets The Eye" about The Family International's fund-raising fronts, core beliefs and practices.

6) Accountability—Does the FCF meet the requirements of the US National BBB.org?

The FCF does not live up to accountability standards: It is yet to meet the US National BBB (Better Business Bureau) Organization's requests for transparency and full disclosure regarding basic ethical practices, cost ratios, accumulated assets (wealth), conflict-of-interest affiliations, salary and compensation ratios, what is non-profit vs. business, etc:

Despite written BBB requests in the past year, this organization either has not responded to BBB requests for information or has declined to be evaluated in relation to the BBB’s Standards for Charity Accountability. While participation in the Alliance’s charity review efforts is voluntary, the BBB believes that failure to participate may demonstrate a lack of commitment to transparency. Without the requested information, the BBB cannot determine if this charity adheres to the Standards for Charity Accountability.

7) Is the FCF/charity/mission endorsed by any third-party watchdog associations?

Does the FCF or The Family International meet ethical standards? Can they stand up to scrutiny granted under the DONOR BILL OF RIGHTS?
All Donors have a right to:


If it's anything related to the FCF or The Family International*:

The bottom line is, you have a right to know:

*see our full Index of Pseudonyms and Front Organizations used by The Family International ?

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