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What's New

Family Publications restored:
In an attempt to supress evidence and escape culpability for controversial doctrines and directives, The Family purged a number of documents. We have restored some of them for your research and information:
She can Gang Bang'm! -- Heaven's Girl--Loving Her Enemies! ML #DO 2044
Child Brides ML #DFO 902

The cult exposed on TV worldwide:
Exposés by
Dr. Phil,
60 mnutes (Australia)
60 Minutes NZ
Insider (Sweden)
ABS News       .... just to name a few!    

Ricky Rodriguez & Angela Smith: Statement & Info
Sue Kauten's relationship to Berg & Zerby
News Articles

Exploring the connections
Family Care Foundation & the COG

COG History - 1968 to current day

The Family's Policy on Lying and Deception - compiled by exFamily editors

Commentary on 'Psychological Assessment of Children in The Family Carol C. Buening, Ph.D., LISW (Ohio Department of Mental Health, Program Evaluation & Research;Ohio State University College of Social Work, Adjunct)

New CQ Bulletin Board For people seeking lost friends/family

Mar 31, 2005
Mar 09, 2005
Mar 08, 2005 Jan 30, 2005
New CQ board opened.
This board was created in response to various requests we get from time to time, from people seeking lost friends/family that used to belong to the group called The Family/Children of God. It is a place to reconnect and rediscover each other and hopefully assist in the recovery process.... sort of a "Lost & Found" department. Happy reunions!

Jan 24, 2005
Jan 23, 2005
  • Mo Letter "It's Time to Fight" released. This Mo Letter documents David Bergs directives to his memebrs to lie and deny everything about Child-Adult sex and incest practices.
Jan 17 - 21, 2005
Jan 16, 2005
  • 161 new unsanitized, uncensored ML's online for your research.
    You can access them through our Mo Letter #A - #3457 list (about 170 out of the list of 3500 titles are now available) or go directly to those which are available: Archived Mo Letters
Jan 15, 2005 Jan 12, 2005
The Family has been operating under cover, carrying on its activities under the umbrella of non-profit organizations and fronts such as The Family Care Foundation (FCF). These documents in expose the FCF-COG connection:
      • Family Care Foundation & the Children of God / The Family
      • The COG - 1968 to current day

New articles:
      • HBO documentary focuses on Cult Kids Apr 24, 2004
      • An insider's account of free-love, group-sex cult Aug 14, 2002

Jan 10, 2005
Suicide death of Ricky Rodriguez, (Davidito), son of Karen Zerby (a.k.a. Katherine Smith) current leader of The Family. Circumstances around his death are emerging, with reports of a suspected a murder of his former nanny and abuser.

Dec 23, 2004
New edition of "The Gabriel Doctrine" (refuted) by Ed Priebe.

Nov 6, 2004
Kathy's Corner closed down.

Nov 8, 2004
Soapbox is closed down.

Sep 13, 2004
New bulletin board Kathy's Corner launched, to cater to the needs of the Christian community.

Sep 9, 2004
New bulletin board Soapbox launched as an experiment, to cater to requests for heated political discussions to be allowed.

Aug 1, 2004
Resources, Social Orgs page updated to include information and links to several regional resources in the USA for ex-members and families.

Jul 28, 2004
New article: Back to the Future - by Anovagrrl

Jul 23, 2004
Message from Webmaster: Problems accesing our site?

We've fixed most of the serious errors since undergoing heavy site renovations a week ago. There may be a few persistent problems that you've noticed, and we will prioritize getting these fixed if you report them to the webmaster on the genX board.

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Jul 21, 2004
New shortcuts to the bulletin boards:

You can now type in your browser's URL box to get directly to the genX board.

You can also use to get to Journeys, and to get to the Academic board.

Jul 14, 2004
Policies updated:

Our policies page was updated to announce that we now use cookies on our live chat feature (not on our bulletin boards or anywhere else). That is the only place on our site where cookies are used. This is necessary to maintain the login status of users of our chat feature.

Jul 10, 2004
Major site renovations behind the scenes:

Our pages appear the same on the surface, but the site has undergone some major overhauls in order to bring you the features we've been promising for some time. You may find that several of our functions and pages do not run or load properly. Please report these and any errors to the webmaster. Thank you for your patience.

Jul 6, 2004
Scheduled site maintenance:
You may experience some problems accessing our site for the next day or two, or you may have trouble posting our boards. We'll making some changes so we can bring you the bigger and better things we've been promising.

Mar 19, 2004
Temporary shut down of our bulletin boards. Archive section unavailable until further notice. (unrelated to any hacker attempts).

Feb 5, 2004
Systematic probing, hacking and software hijacking attempts thwarted. Sources and origins of these attacks reported to authorities in accordance with our new policies against malicious visitors.

Feb 3, 2004
Policy and Disclaimer Section updated to include among other things, clauses regarding potential action within our scope against malicious posters.

Jan 3, 2004
People's section updated to include some profiles

Dec 20, 2003

Critical Commentary on 'Psychological Assessment of 
Children in The Family
, (pro-Family article written 1996; Lawrence Lilliston & Gary Shepherd, published at:
Critical Commentary by Carol C. Buening, Ph.D., LISW
(Ohio Department of Mental Health, Program Evaluation & Research;
Ohio State University College of Social Work, Adjunct)

Dec 13, 2003
New article by ex-member Eva. St.John :
‘Children's Rights Conference’ -  a government funded sham

Nov 14, 2003
New contribution by "Freeatlast":
Amazing thoughts since I left The Family.

Sep 8, 2003
John Paul's article "My Life Growing UP in the Family" removed as requested by the author.

Our Pseudonyms list was updated - a notable NGO in Russia, formerly run by members of The Family has moved on or is in the process of moving on (as verified by reliable firsthand sources) to become a non-Family enitity or front.

Aug 20, 2003
Doubt... Prostitution - Tokyo Magazine article from early 80's translated, with intro and story by Jewlz.

Aug 18, 2003
One of's greatest resources is the discussion board section, where invaluable contributions are made by people like you. On record, are some very profound and illuminating insights, about some very important questions and topics relevant to this community. To help you sort through our 11,000+ files and locate specific posts from our current indexes and/or archives, we've added this new Bulletin Board Post Locator. Results are generated on-the-fly; i.e. any posts that are available and presently on the site can be found using this tool. Not only do you get to limit your search to a specific period, using this tool, you may also look for posts by specific authors, and specify what words must appear in the subject line. That should narrow down your search results, but if that still results in too many matches, you also get to sort and view the list alphabetically.

Links to CounterCOG corrected. Sam Ajemian's website is now His previous domain address has reportedly been cyber-squatted by people opposing his cause.

Aug 13, 2003
To help you search through and reference our growing content, we've redesigned our Site Search Engine from scratch. Our new search engine now sorts through specific portions of our site, or through our entire site (11,000+ files to date August 2003) and locates on-the-fly, anything available, from bulletin board posts to articles to miscellaneous web pages -- i.e. you get search results from the latest information, as it is created/published. We've discarded the indexing system and the fuzzy logic tools of our previous search engine, and redesigned it to cater to your most frequently used methods of query. There is no longer a ranking system -- results are shown as the matches are found.

July 28, 2003
Berg's Anti-Semitism - shocking words of hate by the self proclaimed "Prophet of Love". In 3 Parts, this article deals extensively with Berg's anti-Semitic writings, rampant misinformation amongst (ex)members, and the historical facts surrounding of the Holocaust - by researchers for

Genx Archives #007 and #008 created. So far, 9000 messages have been posted on the genX board, bringing the total messages posted on all our boards to 10,500!

July 12, 2003
Small ammendments and updates were made to our policies page.

June 12, 2003
We would like to welcome Kathy Johnson as the new Coordinator of "Journeys". Kathy is the author of the article “There is Life After the Family". Journeys is a discussion board where the focus is more on issues of faith and sprituality, as opposed to our GenX board, which was intended as a general board where everyone including agnostics and atheists could feel comfortable posting.

From the beginning, we created Journeys to be a safe haven to discuss the spiritual journey many of us have been on since leaving the Family. We wanted Journeys to be faith-focused in contrast to GenX, which was intended as a general board where everyone including agnostics and atheists could feel comfortable posting.

With the appointing of a new coordinator, we wanted to sharpen Journey’s focus even more. While quite a few ex-members have found a different spiritual path than Christianity (and please feel welcome to post on Journeys) we recognize that most of you probably describe yourselves as Christian, and are striving to make sense out of what happened so that you can move on and rediscover spiritual life after the toxic faith of the Family. If this describes you, then this is your board. In fact, this board is for you no matter where you are in your spiritual journey with God.

We have received such an overwhelmingly good reaction to Kathy’s article, more reactions than to any other article on our site. Many people have commented on how positive and empowering Kathy’s article was, so she was a logical choice for Coordinator.

We will allow Kathy to set the tone for the new Journeys board, but a small reminder in advance: we would like to avoid heated doctrinal arguments and avoid browbeating or telling others what they should be doing. Let’s focus on our spiritual journey, on healing, on reclaiming our faith and trying to live it, let's share our personal experiences, talk about helping others, discussing how we have sorted true from false, answers to prayer received, and how Jesus is showing up in our lives.

We are all wounded, we all need love and acceptance, so please let’s extend that acceptance and love to others. Of course, certain kinds of behavior, disruptive comments, or inane posts, will still not be acceptable. Please see the general rules and guidelines for that.

May 17, 2003
The Alcoholic Prophet - an old class by Ed Priebe, completely re-edited and revamped with powerful new quotes.

May 13, 2003
Boards re-opened. Menu system, links and Interactive services were unavailable due to technical problems for 5 days.

Feb 27, 2003
Leaving as an older FG? by Thinker, edited by WC

Feb 12, 2003
Boards re-opened. Interactive services were unavailable due to technical problems for 4 days.

Jan 30, 2003
Want Higher Education? by Jonathan, SGA & former member of FCF staff

Jan 10, 2003 Directory ready, now undergoing user testing for final touches.

Dec 29, 2002
Is Tithing Scriptural for New Testament Christians? - Ed Priebe

External link to: More Than Meets the Eye - informative exposé brochure in web and PDF formats.

Dec 17, 2002
Jesus Christians - an offshoot of the COG? - compilation by WC.

Your responses at a glance
The left menu of the articles section now includes a "Your Responses" link, where you can find responses to all articles featured on our site, submitted by the public.

Resources Section updated:
to include information on social organizations and financial aid for students in the UK. Thank you Sara S!

Nov 28, 2002
No. of responses feature removed.
There had been some confusion about the "low readership" of our boards caused by a misunderstanding about some numbers in parentheses at the ends of the titles of each post such as: Give that man a cigar!! - exmember Nov 27, '02 19:54 (1) Those numbers in parentheses were not the number of times a post was opened, but actually refered to the number of responses that were below the post in the same thread. We are happy to report that on average posts are read between 100 to 150 times before they are archived.

This number feature was left there for the purpose of developing a future interface where users could filter out long and extensive threads and view the TOC and decide how much they wanted to see, perhaps only 4 levels deep, etc. Since visitors to our site seem enculturalized to use the current simple TOC format without any advanced features, and since they have also been enculturalized to see numbers in parenthesis as the number of times a post has been read, this idea will be put on a back burner, and some time in the future our webmaster will incorporate the "number of times read" feature into the bulletin board scripts.

Nov 24, 2002
Misplaced article now restored.
"Murder Most Foul" by OUI Magazine of Feb 1975 about an unsolved murder of a reporter who had been investigating the Children of God in Thailand. In Chapter 5 of Mercy's Story Mercy details how the murder investigations affected her and the Thai chapter of the COG, and about the suspicious circumstances surrounding the case.

Nov 1, 2002
Launch of the new Journeys bulletin board - hosted by Acheick, this board offers a safe, non-threatening environment for ex-members who, while de-toxing from the spiritual atmosphere of the Family, still have faith—or are on a spiritual journey, unsure of what they believe. This board is for ex-members who would like to discuss issues of faith, including comparing genuine Christianity to heresies and abuses.

Oct 4, 2002

Vital Information about The Family by the No Longer Children Support Group contains detailed history about The Family.

They Told Us We Might Have to Die as told by SGAs Andrew McMillion and Sarah Jacobs.

Making Sense of a Sick Family by Michael Green (Gibeon) - an insightful article drawing parallels in growing up in dysfunctional families to life in The Family.

Sept 15, 2002

Cult Justice - Member of The Family condemned by French court for contributing to the delinquency of a minor - report from 16, May 2001

Sept 12, 2002
Resources - Social Orgs page updated to include friendly ex-member contact in the Texas Area, shelters and advice on how to get help.

Sept 11, 2002
Zerby on Education - WC

New contribution to our People's Section Personal Pages:
Michael Green (Gibeon) tells his story.

Sept 9, 2002
Message from the webmaster:

New site look and feel with better graphics
The new look of our site incorporates eye-catching themes and a easier-to-use navigational structure. We hope you like it!

Quick Preview feature removed
Many users found the quick preview feature confusing or difficult to use. We have opted to remove the flash in favour of older technology with better graphics.

Users love options to come or go as they please, and they love to feel in charge. They generally prefer to manually scroll to something they want to look at, rather than have information inadvertently flash before them which adds to the perception they are not in control.

To frame or not to frame

The debate on using frames remains. Although they take up screen space by leaving the navagational part of the website present onscreen at all times, they were kept in place in order to facilitate the "one-stop portal with easy/quick navigation" concept. If at a later date there are more opponents than proponents of using frames, we will switch over to a frameless structure. Our pages comply lightly with WAIS standards and are designed to be backward compatible and navigatable without frames - this is especially useful for those using obscure or older browsers, or those browsers specialized for use by disabled persons.

It is possible that some links may not work. Please report any errors you find the webmaster. We appreciate your help!

If you wish to link directly to specific pages on our site instead of going through to get there, please write to our webmaster for instructions. Thanks.

June 5, 2002
Life with Grandpa - the Mene Story by Ricky (Davidito), son of Karen Zerby, current leader of The Family
Why I didn't join the COG - John Berg, Apr 1992
Faithful Little One's Story - by Marlene
Re-illustrations - Family art redone

June 1, 2002
There is Life After the Family - article by Kathy Johnson, formerly "Lily of the Valley".

May 28, 2002
Not For A Million Dollars - book review by Acheik - a fascinating story of an exmember who was awarded $1million in damages in a suit against the Children of God.
-problems with external use warnings fixed - if you find they are still obstructing your use of the site, please contact our webmaster.

May 23, 2002
Resources pages updated
- new legal help section
- new friends and advice section
- education and jobs section
- no more dead links
- Texas state laws on sexual assault posted
- Idea for outdoor work with room and board thrown in

May 14, 2002
Merry Berg's Story - Berg's granddaughter tells of thhe abuse she suffered

May 10, 2002
Almost half a million hits in only 2½ months - this site is getting noticed!

May 1-8, 2002
*Re-indexing (updating our Search Engine)
*Automatic hyperlinking in posts containing "http://" or "www.---.---"
*Fixed: broken/dead links. Scripting work to allow for better delivery of web pages.

Apr 20-30, 2002
*Help section for Bible Search tool completed.
* Discovered errors on Bible Search Tool which will be fixed shortly. *Limited HTML formatting allowed for Generation eXers and Academic board.

Apr 17, 2002
Despise not prophesying? by Nick Warrick now online

Apr 16, 2002
In the Court of Common Pleas, new transcript of court judgment in 1979 Franklin County, Ohio, finding David Berg and the Children of God liable for damages of $1,000,000. To date, our information is that this sum has not yet been paid.
Life in Dad's House Episode III - Heavenly Homos online.
Kohutek Krazy, another "Tommy Toon" of 3 pages online.

Apr 5-13, 2002 receives letter which supposedly comes from the Family, complaining of copyright infringements, and libelous statements. After legal counsel, WC replies on behalf of to the source of the letter, hoping to ascertain the authenticity of its origins, and to answer in brief the issues raised. awaits reply and makes the exchanged letters a matter of pulic record and opens them for discussion on the boards, in an attempt to verify its origins.

Mar 31, 2002
The team wishes you a Happy Easter!

Mar 29, 2002
New article by Ed Priebe, "Prostitution and Political Seduction" details the doctrines, motives, past and current practices of FFing (Flirty Fishing) - the use of sex by the Family on outsiders.

Mar 27, 2002
*Peter Amsterdam's Admission of Guilt - as a condition for winning custody in the 1995 trial detailed in the Judgement by Justice Ward, The Family acknowledged to the court, albeit quietly,its leadership's and specifically Berg's responsibility for promoting the abuse of children. In classic double-speak, they gave their own members a different spin... read more>>

Mar 25, 2002
*All 8 pages of Tommy Toon satrical comic "Life in the Family" now online.
*New article: "Sex and the Godesses" by ex-member Ed (Hart).
*Never before published excerpts of Peter Amsterdam's admission of Berg's responsibility in promoting abuse of children - on the J.

Mar 22, 2002
We are working on fixing up all dead links and making small adjustments on wording. Do you have any complaints or suggestions about how to better say what we are saying? If it is within the founding principals of this site, we will gladly consider your suggestions. Please write to our webmaster.

March, 2002
Our webmaster is away and will resume development of this site in late March. Thankyou for your patience!

Feb 26, 2002
*Mo Letter index complete - thanks to our hardworking typist Nick.
*New Generation eXer board up and running.

Feb 24, 2002
*A rash of DOS attacks seems to be happening world-wide on a web servers. You may have experienced difficulty in the last 24 hours trying to access our pages. The problems should be solved now. We apologise for the inconvenience.
*We'd like to thank those who have volunteered for projects. We will be contacting you shortly.

Feb 23, 2002
Thankyou for your feedback. Already on the first 12 hours we have received 12000+ hits and several letters of thanks and congratulations. We also received some tips for some minor adjustments and corrections. Thankyou - we appreciate your support and patience!
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