Good instincts!

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Posted by Thinker on June 29, 2010 at 10:09:23

In Reply to: Re: Concerned Citizen posted by Concerned Citizen on June 29, 2010 at 03:39:00:

What amazes me is how TFI parents and adults think of themselves as having all the answers and being the best examples in the world of how to raise children. What a joke! They are a miserable failure in that regard. Just look at what their own abused children turned around and did to them.

What you saw in that boy's eyes, what you felt from him, was probably from the deep misery he felt.

TFI is into herding children around from place to place and task to task. Children are ordered to do this and that obediently and questioning minds are punished for harboring the "devil's doubts." Children in TFI are used as slave labor to do house chores and mind other younger children. Their lives are structured and controlled, they are allowed no freedom to be themselves and seldom experience any genuine happiness. Childish mischief, which is the hallmark and right of every bright and enterprising young mind, is absolutely forbidden. They are not allowed to draw their own conclusions about anything from a watching movie to the rare book they might be allowed to read. Apart from a bit of obligatory home schooling and forced memorization of bible verses and cult quotes, they are mainly used to open doors in door-to-door campaigns, to gain sympathy for donations, to perform music by rote like circus animals. Their parents impart on them a paranoia that the system is out to get them, and they are drilled on what to answer to strangers and authorities about their activities. TFI members supposed to be "in the victory" state of mind all the time, which is a kind of mindless bliss and acceptance for whatever they are put through, and a lot of them simply can't hack it, especially the children. The mother you saw was putting on her victory face, her smiling "lovelight," while her son wasn't. You can be sure he would not have been rewarded for that. No matter how much they preach about love, love is very conditional in TFI.

As far as looking them up at the mall, about all you can do if you do find them, is befriend them and be there for them. You can offer support to change their lifestyle (while you resist their efforts to systematically lovebomb you and convert you to their cause). Unless you can prove there is serious abuse going on, there is no need for example, to report them to authorities.

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