not in denial

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Posted by long time exer on December 21, 2011 at 15:38:23

In Reply to: Re: Berg, Hitler, Manson et al posted by Farmer on December 21, 2011 at 12:19:17:

but maybe you are? My post had nothing to do with denial of what the Family was about. Neither does it deny the difference between joining and being born in. But I can accurately say that I didn't join a sex cult as that was not the presentation in early days. Berg was corrupt through and through from the earliest days of TF and well before it, but few knew in the beginning. Then later, his pervesions became widespread doctrine. No denial about that at all. I can't agree that people who went along with his demented doctrines were working with a full deck. Obviously not. That is where I am talking Stockholm Syndrome and maybe you can read the link provided. It is not to excuse or to say that people don't have some levels of responsibility and certainly not to say there were not key differences between generations. But what it does speak to is a sort of explanation of how we sometimes read or heard something while within and somehow it did not register with the horror and disgust that comes easily when a person gets help and looks back at what they came out of. It was explaining how someone who was active in womens' rights could not run immediately in the opposite direction, but even subject self to degradation of women so prevalent in TF. Men were degraded too. All of this was in the name of religion. And unfortunately there are way too many psychos for Jesus out there, representing all kinds of movements or measuring others according to their interpretations of the bible or their own demented prophecies and delusions.

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