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Posted by Perry on December 12, 2011 at 16:56:18

In Reply to: Re: Animal Farm posted by long time exer on December 12, 2011 at 14:04:51:

Thanks for looking.

That was my experience too. The beginning of the end of my cult life was when I was recruited into a lower level WS home and became a personal slave to leaders. I was definitely a second class citizen and treated much like a servant with no rights. The double standard was very clear to me, but made even more so when Berg showed up in Japan and I got a firsthand look at how corrupt he was. The special 'royal' treatment Berg, Maria and Peter and their inner circle got, and the way that most leaders constantly broke rules that regular members would get reprimanded and punished for was disgusting and showed me the true heart of those phony 'revolutionaries'.

One reason I'm interested in Animal Farm and if Berg said anything about it is because I had read that book in junior high school, before I dropped out and joined the cult at 16. In hindsight, I have wondered why I didn't run in horror when I first heard COG members refer to a 'revolution' for Jesus.

It's complicated and I'm still working it out, but obviously I had not taken the message of Animal Farm to heart. One main reason, I think, is that I had never been explicitly taught critical thinking skills. There are other related reasons, eg. extreme indoctrination, but clearly I was not able to take the lesson from Orwell, apply that to Berg's revolution and see that the outcome would be the same.

I doubt Berg made any comments about that particular Orwell book, since it so directly speaks to his own role as leader of a 'revolution'. But it is no surprise Berg made several references to Orwell's other famous book, 1984. That was all about a dystopic future, which fit well into Berg's fantasy of endtime events.

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