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Posted by long time exer on December 12, 2011 at 14:04:51

In Reply to: Re: Animal Farm posted by Perry on December 10, 2011 at 16:16:08:

Can't find anything, but from memory- there were definite classes in the Family related to leadership levels, "royal" family and loads of double messages. The general feeling I had was that ultimate authority from the top was paramount with advancement given to people who were submitted enough and favored for any number of reasons, but all were related to David Berg and his need for absolute control. I can remember being in Scandinavia and special meals were prepared for a top leader and I was surprised what their discussion was when it was things we were taught that were supposed to be bad for us to do..
He was talking about preparing to go duck hunting and his meal was specially prepared steaks with special chosen servers. This seemed to be the norm for top leadership wherever they went. Same with leadership on different levels who would take whatever they wanted from people, even watches, wedding rings, guitars, cases, etc. because they had really nice ones and leaders felt entitled to the better things. That was standard protocol. I was thinking maybe something might be found in letters referring to royal family, since there was a definite priviledge to being part of that very exclusive group of followers. I also remember some letter about the different circles of membership with the inner circle being the best, most priviledged. Even then though, you could lose your title and position if you did not submit to his authority and obey him. He was the ultimate authoritative pig, alright.
When he beheaded the leadership that were more charismatic in the letter "Kings", and he initiated Visiting Servants, the new district and regional leaders were pretty much the opposite and sticklers at following the letter of his laws. It would seem that he preached equality of people that burn the candle at both ends, giving their all to TF, obeying without question, sacrificing their lives for his cause, because he was pretty heartless, even advocating that women don't stop escorting long enough to keep treating VD because it was better to save the soul than the body. (and more money comes in.) He was surely the definition of "evil" embodied.

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