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Posted by long time exer on June 29, 2010 at 03:22:36

In Reply to: Re: Concerned Citizen posted by Martha on June 27, 2010 at 14:16:00:

I'm glad you are a concerned citizen. As such, I'm sure you don't approve of pedophilia and incest. karen Zerby never fully acknowledged exactly what she did to her own children and the children of others in TF, and never fully disclosed the root of the pedophilia and incest she and David Berg instituted. Instead she blamed this on the "hippies" that joined in early days, and lack of oversight. That's a big fat lie. Changes seem to occur as direct responses to overwhelmingly bad publicity. Deserved bad publicity. Yes, there may be positive ones including better opportunities for education, but you still have the rotten core leading and being revered within.
First David Berg turned out young adults- moving from a more Victorian sort of "Christianity" (whatever the hell that is) to full-fledged prostitution "for Jesus".
Then he started institutionalizing children and took the picks of the litters to sexualize and abuse and made a manual documenting some of what he did. So much madness and destruction.
The sexual abuse of minors was later formally made an excommunicable offense, from what I have heard and as their literature indicates. But it is clear that David Berg is still revered as founder. How can a person incest and abuse children and grandchildren of his own and of others and institutionalize sexual and physical abuse of children and be a revered founder? Then whack job Zerby creates the "loving Jesus revolution". Look that one up, and tell me how there is any meaningful "change". The whole thing, imo, needs to be uprooted and they should be in orange jumpsuits cleaning toilets with toothbrushes and picking up litter on the sides of a hellaciously hot freeway. Until Karen Zerby comes clean about waht she participated in and helped institute, as well as what David Berg, adored founder did to destroy so many lives, then there just isn't enough "change".
But you can't "come clean" when you are still denying that it ever happened or try to distant that behavior from yourself.
Out of curiosity, what set you on edge about the ones you met that gave you pamphlets recently? Sadly, there are many opportunistic organizations out there, so you are wise to be concerned.

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