My one reason to leave

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Posted by Skep on December 07, 2011 at 06:39:56

I have been trying to get my thoughts on this point into words and I don't know why it is difficult. Reading the posts below I see multiple reasons for why I left. I have been trying to get only the top reason and I finally settled down on one that keeps showing up, abuse of authority.

Just about everything that is wrong with how TFI operated can be reduced to some form of abuse of authority. All the way from enforcing litnessing quotas to reporting to bible verse memorization to pairing couples and not eating sugar to drinking or not drinking wine, etc. It all reeked on abuse of power. As Berg liked to quote George Orwell in the book Animal Farm" Some are more equal than others".

Abuse of authority was rampant through the hierarchy that owned all of us. We were nothing but slaves, even willing slaves in most cases, regardless of our position in that hierarchy.

All the other reasons listed by people resonate with me but the top one was the clear distinction among the classes in a society where everybody was supposed to be equal because "God is no respecter of persons". But he also had enough ammunition to make sure he was always ahead, Berg, his family, and his chosen ones all in once class, the top class of citizens in God's Kingdom.

I was lucky that my involvement with TFI was through Jesus, and not through Berg, some flirty fish, or some screwed up doctrine so when I reached my threshold I let them go. They were on the path of no return they still are. Sad to see them being in darkness and calling it light.

A few years ago, when my curiosity about them rekindled all I saw was pitiful beggars who remain ungrateful and still resent the rest of the world. They seem to be lost from the love of God and I wonder if they really know Jesus or why they are doing what they do.

They go through motions that look right but in all their activities they only look for ways to con others. They are good disciples of one of the best con artists, David Berg. And Peter and Maria have built a whole set of teachings, lessons and an image of a new re-invented group when in reality they continue secretly worshiping him.

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