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Posted by on July 19, 2011 at 18:30:40

In Reply to: Re: Lady Gaga and the "pray it away" approach posted by long time exer on July 19, 2011 at 12:53:42:

long time exer:

I have observed that very few of the American Hollywood celebrities have very much actual education or vast experiences, or many lifetimes of dedicated service actually proving they have a moral backbone and/or a genuine concern for people’s welfare, to undeniably good causes, from which to expound upon causes they really demonstrably know next to nothing about. If they were posing as cowboys, here in Texas, they would accurately be considered “All hat, and no cattle”.

Not only are they obviously NOT intellectual giants, nor actually people who DO what they preach, they usually expound “with one eye on the mirror”, like the lyrics in Carley Simons’ song “You’re So Vain”, and the only strong permanent character trait that they demonstrate is a borderline Narcissism Disorder. Almost to a man (or woman, in LG’s case), they fake it publically to enhance their brief and meaningless life of mere celebrity.

My take, anyway—I am about as impressed with people of this ilk, as I am about Zerby and her he-bitch—all phoniness, BS, and just talk for appearances’ sake—phooey! NOT that “great”.

Success in 12-step programs is negligible, any more. I am very well acquainted with its history (I have even taught, supervised, it to patients in a Neuropsychiatric center), it efficacy , and so on. The US government will fund nothing except “medically-oriented” programs, so the definition of the pathology, and of its mostly ineffective so-called “cure” (single-digit success rates), is ONLY a pseudo-scientific and a so-called “medical” concern.

In other words, recidivism is almost universal, and failure to “cure“ is in the high 80-91% range. Not effective “science”—it USUALLY doesn’t work; in other words. I have a sister who has gone round and round in the “secular 12-step AS religion” vicious cycle—her frustration, and her never-succeeding recidivism literally breaks my heart, as her brother.

Many professionals I have discussed this topic admit the wholesale failure of secular 12-Step programs, and many admit that not only is treating the behavior as a medical problem with an as-yet undiscovered so-called medical solution entirely useless, but that treating it Biblically as purely sin and brokenness CURRENTLY has a much higher success rate, as in Paul’s day, when he wrote, “…such WERE some of you

I said that to say this—from a political viewpoint, the following must be considered:
Myth #1: The idea that full 10 percent of the US population is homosexual (based on misquoting gay sex researcher Alfred Kinsey from the 1940s), when early 90s data shows a mere 1-3% incidence nationally.

The “10 percent” lie is a product, and highly-used tool, of the gay activist lobby, and nothing more. Using bad science to justify trying to force the general population to accept that, no, homosexuality is a sickness (it’s obviously not), and to couple that truth with a lie, with the unscientific notion that homosexuality MUST be considered ‘normal”, isan absurdity as science, and is baseless in actual fact.

Myth #2: The assertion that homosexuals are born that way (“Lady” Gag-uh’s assertion I her song). All scientific attempts to demonstrate that homosexual attraction is biologically determined have failed. There simply is no proof for that, but there is plenty of proof from which prominent researchers have concluded that there is no evidence to support a biological theory, but rather that homosexuality could be best explained by an alternative model where “temperamental and personality traits interact with the familial and social milieu as the individual’s sexuality emerges.”

In other words, it is a choice, coupled with psychological damage occurring in childhood and early teenage experience of seduction and molestation, as well as indoctrination (yes, like TF’s procedures fr producing pedophiles and other perverts) by older homosexuals. “Gay bar BS” just compounds the problem.

I find it illuminating that your arguments so closely match NAMBLA’s excuses for their pedophilia. I won't bother to cite their filth here--they have a webpage. Urban dictionary analyzes them succinctly as “…the most f****ed up group in the world. They think they have rights, but let’s face it – no one has the right to take advantage of, rape, and mentally corrupt children”.

I concur. My former wife and I were invited to the otherwise exclusively gay party of a classmate I'd already befriended, whom I had been ministering to, and trying to win to Christ. Believe me, there were several underage boys there, and every effort imaginable was made to seduce and convert them to homosexuality—extremely sad. Also wrong, I don’t care what anybody says.

The adult gays there concentrated on convincing these boys of the “truth” that homosexuals are born that way. And, oh yes, since anuses/sigmoid colons don’t lubricate themselves “naturally”, there were tubes of K-Y jelly in evidence all over the place—vile!

Also, the male dogs there, the owner of the house’s, made no such attempt to copulate with each other, although they did sniff each other's butts—imagine that.

I think it is quite significant that atheism/evolution offers no valid explanation for the existence of homosexuality. If atheism/evolution WERE true, ANY organism could not possibly produce homosexual behavior, since such behavior would endanger the survival of each organism’s genetic package.

Homosexuality’s very EXISTENCE is only truly explained by the twin Christian doctrines of free will and sin.

By the way, I have two very good longtime friends, both formerly sold-out gay activists, who decry calling their conversions stuff like “therapy”—they call that more propaganda by the extremely minority but politically very active gay lobby (gay bar BS), who use “witch words” to further their argument that nobody can escape homosexuality, and become a never-returning heterosexual.

These guys both have beautiful wives, and two beautiful children each. So, your “cases in point” are hardly universal and/or representative of the facts, and your “by nature” assertions are illogical and spurious propaganda. It’s an unthinking, and NOT scientifically valid viewpoint.

See and the other URL I posted -

I know many ex-gays, men and women, who have NOT reverted to homosexuality, showing by their lives that you don’t have to backslide, and that you CAN live as a Word-washed and Spirit-sanctified new creature in Christ.

Of course, because of the false doctrine of Calvinism, we of CoG/TF membership were not only “self-righteous/arrogant ex-hippies” with the attendant silly counter-culture false beliefs and prejudices, but were seduced and trapped by Berg into believing that we could come to Jesus, live like Hell, and still expect Heaven (not believed by anyone in history till Calvin’s early 1500s).

Of COURSE a person can backslide. That does not prove YOUR point at all.

If you live in Houston, Texas, then you have the same “mayor who is openly lesbian” as I do, but she is decidedly NOT “a good manager” of the city. For instance, she totally ignored the vote of all of Houston to get rid of unmanned “red light cameras”, whose timers are set ridiculously/dangerously fast.

They were voted OUT, and she had the gall to reinstate them, against all public will, ONLY because they were a good revenue source.

The law guarantees the right to personally confront all accusers, and Mayor Anise Parker’s despotically reserved power prevents the observance of that legal right directly, by her own fiat. But gay activists frequently argue, via ridiculous propaganda, for the “right” to get away with such things.

That’s called INcompetence.


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