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Posted by Skep on December 19, 2011 at 04:31:02

In Reply to: Re: A matter of loyalty posted by Farmer on December 18, 2011 at 15:06:08:

I can see where I was unclear. I meant to add a final line in my post to say that I don't owe Berg any loyalty to see or say anything good about him.

You reinforce the need of posts as strong as mine against the man who tried to sell us out to the enemy, David Berg. You think that it is BS not to acknowledge one's guilt, why?

I am not going to put that guilt on anybody unless they defend Berg and his evil doctrines. And I tell you why, because we are all guilty and we all know that. A few people have tried to redirect any fault saying that it was not their fault or that they were manipulated, etc. Of course that is true but I am not going to stay in that state like they do. It is not about us even though we may need to vent and try to clean ourselves but that will come out in the conversation.

I am not going to accuse you for the simple reason that you already know how guilty you are and of what. I may try to offer some words to help, if I can, but ultimately I am more concerned in making sure that Berg and his ideas, his teachings, etc. don't get dissolved into the background.

You think too much about yourself believing I have something personal against you. Change your handle and say the same thing, you'll see me right there just the same, until I am dead. After all, I am about to die one of these days.

And yet, I'll live forever. Now that's the mystery.

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