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Posted by Farmer on December 18, 2011 at 15:06:08

In Reply to: Re: A matter of loyalty posted by Skep on December 18, 2011 at 11:18:08:

What has that to do with loyality, me and my post?...just picking another "fight"...dear Skep...I can count on you it seems...

You proved with your introduction and example what I meant and I said in another post there were reasons we joined...reasons we remained...a human being hardly stays somewhere if its all for loss...some benefit he's got to see and sometimes there is even not only personal benefit but something of fairly right and good attitude for all to benefit or some section of society the case of Hitler, just the underwear came to my mind...and it's funny, that you picked the best example I also have in mind regarding TFI/Berg and hardly anyone else mentions that here on congrats to you...however, that proves my point...the rest is irrelevant

To prove a mathematical theory or even one in physics wrong, which claims generality, it's enough to find just one counter-example..

To prove "my theory" should have everything of Berg, every second, every minute was wrong and consecutively of TFI...pretty simple...just do that...and I am happy, at least for your own argumentation's/integrity's sake...

Of course we all had a point where we realised, you can't compromise any longer with a lifestyle...bringing harm to your own and other people's souls and lives...and I repeatedly said, that I am in harmony with Jules, kind of paraphrasing her over that...the earlier someone left, the better it was...less guilty.

with me--staying-- it was guilt for not serving enough and to whom else should I go...not turning back from the plow...all you know that.I really had no idea...where to go

To think that I stayed...because I loved all the wrong "politics"...commandments of Berg is fairly silly to assume.

So pls. explain yourself: A matter of loyalty???? always act "so innocent" and then crack another "bad joke"...then resorting to oh...don't take it kind of have a Bergian/TFish trait here,sorry, evading, not taking any blame .....rejecting pls explain to me: matter of to Berg?....I hope you're not serious about that

...others here on board still pay "tithe"/contribution to get the latest "drivel" of God if they must...what can I do
...but I don't need that...I'd rather pay that amount to a welfare or mission-organisation...

Please explain...thank you!!

One more thing:

I don't remember if he ever took responsibility for anything bad, anything wrong, anything evil that came out of the things he said, he did and he taught.

In delusion you don't realise how off you are..that is scriptural and obviously that is super bad...I and others as well were not certain in that regard, whether on his deathbed...on his lips there was some remorse or not...tough to know to decide...but that is not my biggest concern in life...really...hardly any at's his problem...not mine.

On the other hand...did you,Skep, say anything on the board, about which you were sorry for, done in TFI??

Some people here on board have rather the attitude of only blaming Berg and if they were puppets on a string...that is BS for me..people should acknowledge also their share in the atrocities of TFI..even if it was "only" the tithe and not labouring wih your own hands e.g. is also not in line with "the message"...the good news

For now it would suffice me, if you'd pls explain your subject/headline...thank you

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