A matter of loyalty

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Posted by Skep on December 18, 2011 at 11:18:08

In Reply to: Re: Christmas in Greek posted by Farmer on December 18, 2011 at 08:36:53:

Something good for my personal life that resulted from DB's actions was my conversion to Christianity.

He was part of the chain of events that eventually took me me and some guy together in a corner for a conversation. During that meeting we communicated on a topic that was dear to me in a way that answered all my questions and picked my curiosity about Jesus and the Bible.

Would that be enough to justify the overwhelming load of crap he was able to pass on to me through his clever methods of deception?

Of course not!

It is like saying that because the evil one is somehow related to God and to Jesus I should have an open mind about entertaining evil thoughts and engage in deeds.

Just because David Berg was human and may have had some human virtues I will not consider him as an example of anything good because that puts him under a benevolent light where neither he nor Maria belong.

Berg himself told a story about a man who wanted to mock the belief of a poor pious woman who was praying for bread. The man threw a loaf of bread into the woman's house through a window, for which she immediately reacted and started thanking and praising God. The man outside laughed and mocked her telling her that the bread had not come from God but from him. She then thanked God for the bread, even though He had to use the devil to deliver it.

I judge David Ber by his own words. Just because he was a link in the long chain of events that resulted in my salvation, he does not deserve my consideration for anything good. He himself said to give God credit for anything good that came out of what he did. I don't remember if he ever took responsibility for anything bad, anything wrong, anything evil that came out of the things he said, he did and he taught.

But I do consider him responsible for that, and I do thank God for His Grace, for His Mercy and for His Salvation, even though Berg had a role in it.

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