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Posted by Farmer on December 18, 2011 at 08:36:53

In Reply to: Re: Christmas in Greek posted by Pastor Don on December 18, 2011 at 05:17:57:

Καλά Χριστούγεννα! (Kalá hristúyenna)

Whether or not Xmas is disparaging or not is for me easy...I consider it to be so...but in a post-modern/sooo "illuminated" western just have to go somewhat with the need to go on barricades...but I am against "selling" something as "logical" and harmless...also in the world of food and consumerism, day to day life...which is actually a fake or twist.
If people want to compromise...then let them do it...but to sell that as the right message is actually very bold...similar to people selling you with a big grin, just emptying your I think it's not about loosing money but loosing the "heart" of it...on the other hand...Christos is just referring to being anointed (and there were other anointed people too) it's neither a surname/family -name or so...which would get "smeared"/slandered etc.

All that to say...I don't care what the world does...lot of it isn't right anyway...but to sell that in the west anglo-saxon world as "good" really nonsense to me.

People seem to misunderstand me at this board...I neither like the system...even before I had joined...and now even after TFI...nor do I like the ways of TFI...I said that plenty of times...they are both quite "freakingly" close in some habits and ways...

To try some "far out" analogy...most everybody thinks Hitler to have been a super-villain...evil as anything...I am quite sure that he wore I can be against Hitler's politics and personality, but still wearing underwear ...Every now & then I find some things fairly alright by that D.B. ...and frankly I don't care if I offend anyone with I am always open to be proven wrong...that's what life ...also & especially post TFI is all about...learning...also from others...

But I find it fairly unlikely, that 100% everything what D.B. ever did or said to have been wrong every second of it...that's where I filter and you and I know...what the yardstick is...if it doesn't goes out the window...same goes for the world too

Happy "filtering" to everybody

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